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Cal State Fullerton baseball player Sean Martin offers up his thoughts on the upcoming regional selections...

I am glad so many people have found the new website. As everyone knows we are hosting the first regionals. As a player there are some good reasons to host and some bad reasons. On the good side, we get to stay at home. We are allowed to take finals at the regularly scheduled times and not on the road.

And of course we get to play in front of our home crowd. On the bad side, we don't get to go visit other places. We will probably get stuck with a hard regional considering the quality of the teams in the west coast. And we will play in front of our home crowd, which isn't quite as big as crowds in other places across the country. Even Ohio State can bring in 4000 people.

To look ahead at this weekend. We play long beach st, enough said. But to add on, winning conference is going to come down to this weekend. And if we want to win the Big west outright we need to sweep, because I don't see UCSB losing to Cal poly. I assume we are sticking with the same rotation: smitty, merrell, and saarloos. However, I wonder what will happen next week.

Since everyone seems to be getting involved in regionals lets talk about that. Again I have attached my recent brackets. Although I am not on the committee, I can usually come fairly close. The chances are in favor of us getting a pac 10 team, most likely Cal or ASU. Pepperdine is ranked high, but has a bad rpi, so they might still be a middle of the pack 2 seed, which means they get sent to us, usc or stanford. LBst will probably go to usc or stanford. This is all assuming the NCAA does what it always does and regionalizes the brackets. Although it would seem UCSB would stay out here too, I see them getting sent out. The are good, hot, and have a pretty good rpi. A sweep this weekend even gives them a good argument as a #1 seed.

Now, I believe we will stay as a top 8 national seed no matter what. But I winning two games would easily secure that. I also see usc and stanford staying in the top 8, which means none of us can meet until the super regionals.

The way my brackets go are the top 8 national seed are numbered 1-8 in bold. Then they are matched across from the team they would play in the super regional. In case you wondered, I love to mess around with these sort of things. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment and give suggestions.

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