Titans Twice Too Much For Toreros

Fullerton, Calif. - Senior Jer'Vaugh Johnson scored a career-high 23 points with 7 rebounds and Orane Chin had 21 points and 6 boards Saturday night to lead Cal State Fullerton to a 90-76 non-conference victory over the University of San Diego. Here are some thoughts and observations from a fan's perspective.

San Diego was much improved with their energy and defensive pressure. USD's big men also played well. Thought this game was going to be much closer at the end.

Quintessential Quote

“First off, it has been a big thing to have JV back,” Perry Webster said. “He had a good game… We played together more offensively and scored 90 points. Our defense was not good enough tonight.”

Impact Player of the Game

Roger Guardia. Yes, since we have some fans who think we need to treat these players like little leaguers, I need to give the game ball to Guardia as there may not be another opportunity this season. (kidding). In all seriousness, the transformation that took place last night was amazing. He looked for the shot and, perhaps more importantly, he hit it. He also had some nice passes and and seems to really attack the boards. Looking ahead, Guardia still needs to play better defense (he has improved quite a bit) and will like to see how he does if he misses that first three.

Could Not Have Won Without Them

Jer'Vaughn Johnson. Like Montana, USD has some very tall players but unlike the game at Mizzou, JVJ did not let them intimidate. He played crazy good last night both on offense and defense. An absolute force. If Johnson stays healthy he is a shoe-in for a Big West first team selection.

Perry Webster. His passing skills are sick. Each game I am more and more impressed with his play. He had an off game shooting the ball but he can still hit the big shot when it's required. As an added bonus this guy can also play defense. To say I am sold on Webster is an understatement.

Orane Chin. OC stepped it up and by the end of the game seemed to be where he was in the first four games of the year. He did start the game with some fade-away timid and reckless shots but, after that, Chin was was solid and didn't back away.

Devon Peltier. VI has been the most consistent Titan to date. He hit only 1 of 4 treys but you can't put his 19 points (8-8 on free throws) and his hustle in any other category.

Looking to Improve

Isiah Umipig. Gosh darn it, still waiting for that breakout game. It will come, no doubt about it. Zeke played 9 minutes and that's pretty much what he deserved. He will get his time once he learns to make defense a priority.

Eric Williams. Just wasn't feeling it from him on Saturday. He does play decent defense and did bring down a few boards but he's such a liability on offense it's hard to justify playing much. I do like him in at the end of games as that's where he seems to thrive.

Sedric Martin. Only played two minutes so obviously the coaches feel he needs to improve. Not sure how he fell behind Jurich but that's where is is right now.

Steve Jurich. Yes, he is looking better but his defense was so poor so he ended up here. Hit a three-ball but why does he have trouble making free throws?

Orlando Brown. What?! How does TitanCentral.com's Surprise Player of the Year end up here? 15 minutes and pretty much nothing else. Just didn't look good from the start and his body language said it all.

Somewhere in Between

No one.

Final thoughts

Losing to Montana must have been tough for the Titans but they responded well at home. No matter what happens this year, this team has a real identity: They play hard and they are fun to watch.

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