Baseball Notes and Observations

The off-season is upon us but that doesn't mean there is no new to report. While nothing earth-rattling, offers you up the latest happenings on Cal State Fullerton baseball.

Nick Lovato was granted his release and will be transferring to another school next season. It's a numbers game and it appears Nick saw the writing on the wall. After a promising freshman year, Lovato was 2-4 and had a 8.31 ERA in 11 appearances in the 2001 season.

He had a 2.11 ERA, allowed just 16 hits and seven walks and struck out 17 in 21.1 innings in 2000.

Not sure what happened in 2001 but we wish him well where ever he chooses to go.

Mike Rouse was 50-50 according to assistant coach Dave Serrano in our last Ask Dave feature but those odds appear to be spiraling downward from a Titan perspective. Toronto drafted Rouse in the 5th round and all indications are they want to sign him. Money talks and sources close to the program indicate Toronto is willing to spend it. Nothing definite as of today but odds are he will sign for a nice sum of cash.

On to some good news. Joe Turgeon, a CIF Player of the Year out of El Dorado High School has signed a letter of intent to play for the Titans. Turgeon plays second base. We have updated our Baseball Recruiting page to reflect this signing.

A highly regarded freshman from a northern California junior college is also expected to sign within the next couple weeks. He would come in as a sophomore and would have three years of eligibility. He would be eligible for the MLB draft in two years.

In college head coaching news, sources have also indicated that coach Horton has not been contacted by the University of Arizona nor has he contacted them about the baseball opening. A Baseball America story has said that coach Horton "is the leading candidate to take over the Wildcats' program."

If he were a leading candidate, you would at least think he would know, right? At the very lest he would be contacted.

While nothing's a sure thing, expects Horton to remain at Fullerton. This could all change, of course, if he is offered big time money with "big time" being somewhere in the range of $250,000. But if Arizona really wants Horton, I'm sure they could get him.