Titan Hoop Club Board Backs Rob Orellana

The official Cal State Fullerton booster club board of directors does not want to lose the momentum created by departing head coach Donny Daniels and recommends top assistant Rob Orellana on an interim basis.

As you probably know, it will soon be announced that Donny Daniels has accepted the position as #1 assistant to Ben Howland at UCLA. While we hate to lose Donny, we wish him well , and thank him for beginning to "right the ship" that is Cal State Fullerton basketball.

Now where does that leave us? Potentially in a critical situation, UNLESS we act swiftly and decisively.

Therefore, I urge you to support the appointment of Rob Orellana as interim head coach.

I have gotten to know Rob very well during his three years at Cal State Fullerton, and I feel that he is uniquely qualified to fill this position:

  • Rob is a tireless worker, and will provide continuity to our program. Rob will keep us on the path to success.
  • Rob is passionate about Cal State Fullerton basketball.
  • Rob was instrumental in recruiting ALL of our returning players. He is respected by them, and they are loyal to him. They will stay with this program, and play hard for him.
  • Rob's appointment as interim coach will allow us to avoid another arduous, prolonged selection process that will likely last into the summer. The likely result: A current D-1 assistant who knows nothing about our program or players. Do you want to start all over again?
  • Rob has extensive worldwide coaching / player contacts. If Rob is named interim head coach, we can expect one or two high profile recruiting commitments in November.
  • Rob Orellana is currently the head coach of the Senegalese national team, and has previous head coaching experience in Venezuela, Spain, and locally at Pius X High School.
  • Rob Orellana has served as a D-1 assistant coach at UNLV, St. Francis College, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and of course Cal State Fullerton.
  • Rob is an experienced X's and O's coach, and is a highly visible recruiting coach who was featured in Alexand Wolf's recent book, "Big Game, Small World - A Basketball Adventure."

If you feel as I do that Rob Orellana should be named interim head coach, and deserves the opportunity to prove in the '03-'04 season that he is ultimately the right man for the job, I urge you to e-mail your support to Athletic Director Brian Quinn at bquinn@fullerton.edu, and Assistant Athletic Director Steve DiTolla at sditolla@fullerton.edu.

Go Titans!

Kirk G. San Roman,
President, Titan Hoop Club