Change of the Board

One thing I do want to say about Serrano is that many are upset that he floated his interest to Tennessee while the club was still playing. But what would the reaction be if Serrano had taken the Tennessee job after denying it? Everybody would be complaining that Serrano lied to us and that he was secretly trying to get the job while he still had his current one.

And to be honest, I don't blame Serrano for taking the job. Many of you are probably not aware but Yasmine Bleeth just celebrated her birthday on Wednesday. This is relevant because there was a time when she was one of the hottest women in television. She was offered millions of dollars to pose for Playboy and she turned it down.

Now she's a broken-down actress fighting addiction and flashing her assets to gawkers on the Santa Monica Promenade for a $1 a look. (Or something like that.)

The point being that sometimes you have to strike while the iron is hot and take advantage of the opportunities that you are going to get.

A few more playoff failures and Serrano probably would not have had his pick of jobs. Likely leaving him stuck here at Cal State Fullerton.

I understand the mindset for sure. That doesn't mean that I am happy about it. And it doesn't mean that I am going to wish him well.

If baseball is a business and Serrano is going to make a business decision (and probably a wise one, too), then the business side of me feels very comfortable in telling Serrano to go (expletive) himself.

He can (expletive) himself right in the ear.

If Serrano wants to make a business decision (again, a wise one), then all of that talk of family and more to the point being a part of the Titan family is meaningless to him.  And that's cool, so (expletive) you.

Since Dave wants us to look at this as a business, let's take a look at the business of Cal State Fullerton baseball in recent years. This team has underachieved and become a collection of primmadonnas similar to the sequel of Major League when Ricky Vaughn put on a flashy suit, Willie "Mays" Hayes wanted to become a power hitter and the club signed a free-agent from Chicago who was more interested in himself, and not the team.

The Serrano-version of the Titans bore little resemblance to the over-achieving teams that brought many of us fans here and in places like Omaha. Too many guys showboating and acting like we were a BCS power team.

A problem with some of our fans, too, who want us to go independent in baseball. A strange notion because many of the basketball schools would rather we go independent in that sport, too.

The bottom line is that Serrano's business decision actually does us a favor. We don't have to suffer the indignity of pushing him out the door, and we get a chance to start fresh.

And I trust Brian Quinn to do the right thing. He made the right call to bring Serrano in here. He was a hot coaching candidate and it seemed that he wanted to be here. Instead, we got a baseball version of Brad Holland.

Either way, even with Serrano mailing it in like the cast of The Hangover Part II, Fullerton did have some success. Any competent coach who actually cares about doing the job he is being paid to do should do just fine.

Let's just get back to Titan baseball.

Adam Rank writes a daily column for, the Pick Six, and can be heard on the Dave Dameshek Football Program. You can reach Adam via the various social networks of Facebook and Twitter.