Spider Spins the 2003 Regionals

The postseason is here, so what now?  First, some general observations. It is quite obvious that the sole criteria for selection and seeding was the use of RPI rankings, which are available at Boyds World (www.boydsworld.com).  It is ironic that the NCAA continues to use the RPI system, while Boyd has developed a newer version, the ISR, which are much less biased towards the Southeast.

The SEC dominates the selections once again, getting 8 teams in, including Florida which did not even make the SEC tourney. The regionals are not as geographically based as in the past, however the Super Regionals are extremely geographically based. If all the #1 seeds win, the farthest any team would travel in the Super Regionals is Nebraska to Auburn and Texas to Florida State. Personally, I think it would make much more sense to localize the regionals, but the NCAA Committee will never use common sense in their decisions.  
As a West Coast person and player, I think it is safe to say the West got absolutely screwed, again. Yes, four West teams got to host regionals, which is a plus.  However, only two of those schools are national 8 seeds, even though all four of them have been ranked in the top 8 for basically the entire season in every poll.  To make it worse, the four #1 seeds all play each other in the super regionals.  
It is a travesty.  
The NCAA Committee needs to make some changes and wake up.  The West gets the short end of the stick every year, and this might be the worst ever. For the second straight year it is impossible for two West teams to play in the CWS Championship game. In fact, it is only possible for two West teams to even make the CWS, despite having 7 teams from the region currently ranked.
I get tired of saying this every year, but it is obvious there is something wrong. The Southeast proponents will say this happens because so many ACC and SEC schools make the CWS every year, but there is a reason for that. It is possible for 4 of the 5 ACC schools and 6 out of 8 SEC schools to reach the College World Series.  The way the brackets are set up, all the Southeastern schools are spread out and on each side of the bracket.  In contrast, it is only possible for 2 of the 7 Big West and PAC 10 teams to make the CWS.  It is no wonder that many Western teams do not make a huge impact in Omaha, they lose to each other in regionals and super regionals.  
In general, the postseason should be exciting.  The Stanford, Cal State Fullerton and Georgia Tech regionals stand out as the hardest.  Each has three teams with a legitimate shot at winning the regional, and probably the best #4 seeds.  LSU and Nebraska have by far the two easiest regionals.  In fact, LSU got handed an undeserved #2 national seed and the second easiest regional, I guess Skip Bertman is figuring this committee stuff out quickly.

Spider's Top 25

2.  Rice
3.  Cal St Fullerton
4.  Stanford
5.  Nebraska
7.  Louisiana St
8.  Georgia Tech
9.  Texas
10. Long Beach St
11. Texas A&M
12. Miami
13. No Carolina St
15. Florida Atlantic
16. Vir Commonwealth
17. UNLV
18. Auburn
19. UC Riverside
20. Mississippi St
21. Richmond
22. Tulane
25. Baylor