4th Annual Challenger Clinic

The Titan baseball team held the 4th annual 'Challenger' clinic at Goodwin Field on April 30, 2003. We now bring you the photos of this great event courtesy of TitanCentral.com message board regular 'LittleHammer'.

Today (April 30, 2003) was the 4th Annual Challenger Clinic with the Titan players and the Challenger Little League. It is now 9:30PM and I am still on a high from being there.

The clinic started about 5:30PM and the clinic part ended around 6:45 and then we had the pizza party with the players. In the past the players and Challengers left soon after the pizza was gone; however, this time they all stayed long after and Hook had to turn on the lights for some of the kids. Little Hammer and I didn't leave until 8:30 PM.

You know you just have to think of this scenario. You have the #1 Team in the Nation with their coaching staff, in the middle of the season, spending 3 hours of their time (after a 3-4 hour practice) with a bunch of handicapped kids and young adults. If it is hard to believe then think what it is like for these kids and their parents. I had a number of them come up to me and say how much this meant to them.

Coach Horton had the radio show to do but Coach Vanderhook ran the show and did his usual great job and Coach Serrano was there for most of the time. Coach Serrano made a good point when he spoke of how difficult it is to get the media to cover such a great story as the clinic; however, they are quick to jump on the errors made sometimes by players off the field. You should see some of those same players though with the Challenger kids.

It would be an injustice to the players to not mention all of them but I must mention assistant coach, Brian Cain, who spent the whole clinic with Chuckie Egbert and he dove and rolled around to catch the balls thrown by Chuckie. I will also mention that Challenger 56 awarded their MVP awards to Jason Corapci, Chad Cordero and Wes Liittleton for all that they have done for the kids and as representatives for the whole Titan team.

- littlehammer

Here are some photo's from the day's events:

Big Joe with Hook

Bill hamming it up!

Challenger MVP winners: Chief, Jason and Wes

Challenger President Gregg Colbern, presenting awards

Chief giving out instructions

Fielding Practice

Hollywood Pepus

Pitching Practice

More Pitching Practice

Pizza Time

Sara (in chair) and the Chuckster along with some groupies

Spider and Hammer

Spider being bushwacked

Steve, Hook and Chuck

The Chuckster