CWS Diary: Two Fans in Omaha

Seven seed Cal State Fullerton knocks off LSU 8-2 in the first round of the College World Series. special correspondants Jeff Bebe and David Manning give us their perspective on what's happening in Omaha.

OMAHA, Neb. -- It's coming down to Stanford, and that's nothing new for Cal State Fullerton.

The Titans beat the Cardinal in 1995 on the way to winning it all. But in 2001, No. 1 Fullerton lost twice in Omaha to Stanford, ruining national title hopes.

Now the Titans and Cardinal meet again on Sunday, with the winner taking a huge step toward playing for an NCAA title next weekend.

Fullerton's 8-2 victory over LSU on Friday wasn't a work of art, but there are no style points in Omaha -- just results.

Here's how two Titans fans saw the game from the stands:

5:55 p.m. (CT): LSU is one of the truly elite programs of college baseball, but these Tigers showed they're not that used to playing in Omaha. About half the Tigers bolted from the third-base line to their dugout as soon as the national anthem ended. The Titans -- like all Omaha veterans -- know you're not suppose to move until the ROTC color guard leaves the field. The Titans know how to respect the flag.

6:24: Jason Windsor strikes out 1B Clay Harris, ending a big LSU threat in the first inning.

6:34: An LSU fan walks by us carrying a purple-and-gold flag that has a Confederate-style stars-and-bars pattern. That's a little scary. Hey Johnny Reb, it's 2003. You know the good guys won that war, right?

6:45: Kurt Suzuki leads off the third with a perfect bunt single. Yeah, a third-inning bunt in a 8-2 win might not seem like much, but it was a great jumpstart when the Titans needed it.

6:53: Shane Costa hits it into the RF stands. The Titans are ahead to stay.

6:57: An idiot Fullerton fan in our row blows up and hits a beach ball into the stands, despite a teenaged girl usher asking him not to do it. She eventually runs down the wayward beach ball, punctures it, and tosses into the drunk frat boy's face. Love it. This girl already has a thankless, minimum-wage job,does she really need to take junk from one our herd's lesser, more intoxicated memebers? C'mon guys, let's show some more class.

7:20: Two Long Beach State Dirtbags fans walk by us. A lot of good that Big West title is doing you guys now, isn't it? Go put on some war paint, you losers.

8:12: The Tigers' last chance to get back into it goes by the boards when DH Ryan Patterson flies to left with the bases loaded to end the sixth. Nice, one-pitch out Spider. Way to go.

8:59: Chief set them down 1-2-3, the final out when Richie Burgos squeezes a foul popup. Now let's go get Stanford.

Key stat: LSU 0-for-8 with runners in scoring position. SS and SEC POY Aaron Hill goes 0-for-4, continuing a remarkable run of Titans pitchers shutting down top opponents.'s three stars of the game:

No. 3: Kurt Suzuki scored twice and had two hits.

No. 2: Jason Windsor (11-2) didn't have his best command, but battled through 5 2/3 IP.

No. 1: Shane Costa's three-run blast is all we needed