CWS Diary: Day 5, a players diary Special Correspondents Jeff Bebe and David Manning sat down with Cal State Fullerton senior pitcher and avid college baseball fan Sean "Spider" Martin. Here's what he had to say, in his own words:

OMAHA, Neb. -- It's been good relaxing.

This is the first day I've really had any time to relax. Yesterday Jason Corapci and I had that Baseball America chat, then we had practice and then dinner at the stadium.

Today most of the team played golf out by the Air Force base. I chose to relax and take the day off. I've been dying to take some time off and just kick back in my hotel room.

We have a lot of parents in town. My parents went to Rome yesterday. They've been here to Omaha before and it was my dad's 50th birthday and they went to Rome for his birthday. This just happened to be the best time for them. I know if we weren't here, I'd love to go to Rome. I know it's a little weird not having them here. I know my dad's going to be dying not being here...

So I saw Stanford's win over South Carolina on TV... It's not that I'm afraid of the law of averages, since we've beaten them four in a row. It's just, for people like me who have seen them beat us so many times before in the playoffs, I'd rather not play them... don't get me wrong, I have a lot of confidence we're going to win, but they're a good team and you're seeing them play well in this series...

Before this season, it seemed like every time we faced them and it looked like we were going to beat them, there seemed to be something that'd go wrong or something that'd go bad for us. We all remember that ball Mike Rouse hit in 2001 here at the College World Series against Stanford. We all thought that ball was out of here and then the wind brought it back.

Those kinds of strange things always seemed to happen before this year. But now things seem to be different. Richie Burgos' ball just went off Carlos Quentin's glove and we scored the winning run on Sunday. This is a game built on confidence, and arrogance, and those little things are important.

Ryan Schreppel, our starting pitcher Wednesday, is feeling pretty good. He didn't have a great game last time (against ASU in the Super Regionals) but he's got a lot of confidence, and so does the whole team. By beating Stanford earlier this season, that gave him a little more confidence. And Ryan knows that even if he gives up a few runs, he's confident we'll be able to score a few.

John Hudgins is probably the starter for Stanford. He'll be working on four days of rest, which is short for a college pitcher who starts once a week. You probably won't see anything different happening to him until the third or fourth inning. But by then, he might miss his spots a little or his ball will come up a little. Those things combined will give our hitters a chance of getting to him. I know he only threw 84 pitches Friday, but his arm will be a little more tired than usual.