CWS Diary: Day 6. More thoughts from Spider

In day 6 of the College World Series, Cal State Fullerton was defeated by Stanford 5-3. Day 7, the Titans will play an elimination game. Spider says the Titans play their best ball when there backs are against the wall.

OMAHA, Neb. -- We still feel pretty good. Obviously we're a little down after the loss, but we're still  fairly confident. You can't beat a team like Stanford every single time.

We played with our backs against the wall two weeks ago against ASU in the super regionals. I'm not sure it's an advantage having played in that situation before, but I do think, for some reason, we play our best when our backs are against the wall. It's when we have that cushion, that's when we seem to play our worst. But when we have our backs to the wall, that's when we shine.

Coach Horton reaffirmed that when he talked to us. He said we have our backs to the wall,  like against ASU, and told us to come out fighting Thursday.

I'm 95 percent it'll be Jason Windsor starting for us. It surprised me a little that Wes Littleton pitched for us on Wednesday. I found out at 11:30 at bed check the night before. Ryan Shreppel had been throwing a day before on Monday, like starters usually do. But this year with our staff, with have so many good people with Wes, Darric Merrell, it doesn't really matter who we go with.

John Hudgins really threw his breaking ball for strikes. Our people thought that was more of his strikeout pitch than his for-strike pitch. That was the biggest thing, he was jumping ahead of every single hitter like he did against South Carolina. And when you're 0-1, 0-2 against a good pitcher like him, that's what's going to happen.

When Kyle Boyer hit that ball down the left-field line, I thought it was foul but about half our dugout thought it was fair. It was hard to tell because it was hit so far beyond the foul pole. That could have really got us going, but it just got hooked, yanked a little too far.

For me it was great getting into another game. It's always been a dream for me to pitch in the College World Series. I can't imagine pitching in the major leagues to be much different. That first game on Friday, I really had to slow myself down and take deep breaths with the bases loaded and facing a guy who had hit a 500-foot home run earlier.

As I said, I think we're still pretty confident. We've beaten them four of five games this season, so that's pretty good. We feel that it we come out firing on all our cylinders tomorrow, we'll be hard to beat.