A New Tradition in Omaha

What can $5,000, a little luck, an Air Force Lt. Colonel and the cancellation of a hotel reception get you in Omaha? Turns out it got Cal State Fullerton and its fans one of the hottest tickets outside of Rosenblatt Stadium.

The "Omaha House" was the brainchild of Lt. Colonel Will Lane of the Offutt Air Force Base, which was the host organization for Cal State Fullerton. (Each team that makes the CWS is assigned a host). Lane started out looking for a place for a reception before a game when he came across a "For Rent" sign outside of a house which was located directly across the street along the third-base side of Rosenblatt Stadium.

It turns out the were evicted last month, so the house was available.

Carlos Leija, from University Advancement, was the liaison on the Fullerton side and he arranged to have funds which were set aside for a hotel reception in Omaha diverted which helped finalize the deal. $5,000 later and Omaha will never be the same. (Note: $5,000 is about how much it would cost lo

Built before 1947, Omaha House, located on 13th street, served as a pre and post-game hospitality "suite." It's was a small, two bedroom, two-story house with a living room, two baths, kitchen and a dining area. A tent was erected for shade and no one actually spent the night as the house did not come furnished.

The Air Force provided for tables, chairs and helped with the cooking for the President's Reception on Friday night. University Advancement and volunteers (various parents and boosters) brought in food and drinks.