Top 10 Moments in Titan Baseball

Rock-solid starting pitching, late-inning magic and dominant relief fueled a spectacular 50-win season for Cal State Fullerton in 2003.

The Titans (50-16) went all the way to Omaha, winning two games there and finishing in third place nationally for the second time since 2001.

There were so many sparkling moments it was almost impossible to narrow it down to a Top 10 of 2003.

How hard was it for our panel of David Manning, Paul Causey, Jeff Bebe and Charles Hardin?

The Titans win over USC in an all-wood game at Edison International Field, Kurt Suzuki's two-out double against Tulane, the win in Augie Garrido's return to Fullerton and the sweep over Stanford were only honorable mentions and didn't make our ultimate list.

So here it is,'s 2003 Top 10 moments for Cal State Fullerton baseball:

No. 10: Jason Windsor steps up to shut down San Diego in a tense playoff opener on May 30.

No. 9: The Titans score five times in the eighth in a rubber game at Blair Field on March 30.

No. 8: Ronnie Prettyman's ninth-inning RBI double and Chad ``Chief'' Cordero's 1.1 innings of dominant relief beats Notre Dame on May 31. The Titans clinch the Fullerton Regional less than 24 hours later.

No. 7: Windsor shuts down high-powered Arizona State in Game 1 of the Super Regional on June 6 .

No. 6: The Titans score a miracle win, pushing across eight runs in the bottom of the ninth to tie Reno on Feb. 21, eventually winning it in 14 innings.

No. 5: Freshman Dustin Miller beats Notre Dame on June 1, sending Fullerton to the Sweet 16.

No. 4: Shane Costa slams a three-run homer against LSU, and the Titans were off and running in Omaha on June 13.

No. 3: Again, Miller pitches the Titans in a clincher, as Fullerton nailed down its spot in the CWS with a Game 3 Super Regional win over ASU on June 8.

No. 2: Richie Burgos' RBI -triple and Chief's two innings of hitless relief gives Fullerton a CWS win over Stanford on June 15.

And your No. 1 moment of Titans baseball in 2003 ...

Three balls, two strikes, two on and two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Suzuki's three- run blast beats the Dirtbags on May 18 in the most dramatic regular-season homer in Titans history. The victory is a post-season launching pad for Fullerton, which wins seven of the final 10. The walk-off blast sends Long Beach into a season-ending tailspin, losing four of its last eight.