5/8 Rule Under Review

No committee consensus as various groups ask that the rule be modified, or that some sort of waiver or relief process be considered. They are to meet again in September to discuss possible modifications. Changes could take place as early as November 2 meeting.

The NCAA recently published this story:

MONTEREY, California -- For the first time since a rule restricting the number of initial grants-in-aid in men's basketball was implemented, the Division I Management Council had a chance to review its impact.

The so-called "5/8 rule," which limits to five the number of initial scholarships that can be awarded in any one year, and eight in a consecutive two-year period, was atop the Council's July 23-24 agenda...

Approved as part of a legislative package from the Division I Working Group to Study Basketball Issues in April 2000, the 5/8 rule has since been criticized by those who believe it unfairly penalizes institutions that for a variety of reasons experience a significant reduction in the number of scholarship players on their rosters in a given year. To date, 16 appeals for relief of the rule have been submitted to the Administrative Review Subcommittee, but that group has denied all 16 cases thus far based on the principle that the primary circumstances prompting the request were within the control of the student-athletes and institutions in question.

Council Chair Charles Harris, who is the commissioner of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, said there did not seem to be a consensus from the membership on the bylaw, and that various groups have asked that the rule be modified, or that some sort of waiver or relief process be considered.

Because of that lack of consensus, Harris said Council members believed the issue merits review from the Division I Basketball Issues Committee, which next meets in September.

"Clearly, the number of different viewpoints on the issue called for a more thorough review from the group created to take on those types of issues," Harris said. "The Council believes the Basketball Issues Committee is in the best position to determine if the current legislation is appropriate, or whether an alternative remedy needs to be identified. The fact that the Basketball Issues Committee meets in September provides an opportunity for the issue to be clarified before the early signing period in November for the 2002 recruiting class."

Any recommendations from the Basketball Issues Committee would be forwarded to the Management Council in October. Those recommendations that are approved would then be sent to the Board of Directors for consideration at its November 2 meeting, which would mean that changes could be effective for the 2002 signing period. Harris did say, though, that the current legislation -- as well as the current principle on which the Administrative Review Subcommittee has based previous decisions on appeal requests -- would remain in effect at least until then. Here is the link:

TitanCentral.com Spin: Clearly something is going to give and this will be fantastic news for Cal State Fullerton. The Titans have recently lost Joe Travis, Keith Brooks and Mitch Deve, plus they added two more scholarhips after coming off probation. With departing seniors Ike Harmon and Matt Caldwell's, that left an additional two scholarships for a total of seven. With the current rule, we are screwed and this in essence extends our probation by another year. Any change will be great news for coach Daniels and his program.

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