Southern Utah

Notes, Quotes and Observations on the second night of the World Vision Classic at the Lawlor Events Center at the University of Nevada against Southern Utah.

"It was a total team effort," said Andy Newman, who played his freshman season at Southern Utah. "It was great to see us playing together. When you have 30 assists you are sharing the ball. Our shooting was outstanding, especially in the first half."

Clearly the Southern Utah ran into a team on a mission. There was no way they were not goint to get Andy Newman a win in his debut as a head coach.

Again, the Titans had a nearly flawless game plan and executed it very well. There is a ton of substitutions going on but it just feels right, does not seem to interrupt the flow of the game at all.

The Tremendous Trio of Kwame Vaughn, D.J. Seeley and Sammy Yeager alone were to much for SUU. Add in Alex Harris, who drained in five three-pointers on just five shots and you have a blowout in the making.

The real story was the team play and it all started on the defensive end. Titans just too quick and had an astounding 20 steals that seemed like many more. Surprised Harris had only three and Yeager had only one.

Good first win and we were lights out shooting the ball but we still have some concerns.

Still way too many turnovers for a guard-oriented team. 18 last night and that's an awful lot against a slow tea. Have to keep it to 15 or less if we are to have a shot at beating Green Bay tonight.

Despite the focus of the coaching staff at practices, we are still having letdowns boxing out on rebounds. And once we do get the rebound, we can not bring the ball down low to get it stolen away. Keep it high and fire that outlet pass

Post play. They did hustle and played their hearts out so have to give them props for that. Seemed like half our turnovers happened we we tried to go down low, however. I know coach loves the unselfishness so hopefully this works itself out and they can keep improving and learning to play against bigger opponents.

From a fans perspective, this is a big game. Vegas says this can go either way. Green Bay is much quicker, and actually bigger, than SUU, so this is going to be test #3 for the Titans this year. Hopefully third times a charm.