Tournament Bound

Despite a sluggish start and termoil that threatened to derail the season, the Titans won their final seven games in a row and find themselves in the NCAA postseason for a 23rd straight season.

Suspended for almost a month, Vanderhook was reinstated just before the UC Irvine series on May 16th. The team responded accordingly behind strong pitching efforts from Thomas Eshelman, Justin Garza, and Grahamm Wiest to sweep the Anteaters and put themselves right back into the postseason conversation.

There was still work to be done on Senior Night versus USC. This time it was the offense leading the way with the big bats of J.D. Davis and Matt Chapman lead the Titans to a 17-3 victory. The spark was back. The magic was back. But, would all of the cards fall in place on the final weekend?

Fullerton very likely needed a sweep against Cal State Northridge, while also begrudgingly rooting for a Long Beach State sweep over Irvine.

Enter Justin Garza.

Garza's no hitter, the fourth in Titan history, put the nation on notice.

The Titans are back.

They will, however, find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Fullerton is often a regional host and, in many years, also a national seed. They now find themselves going on the road and playing as an underdog in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

As is prominent in the right centerfield wall, just 1,544 miles to Omaha. Think of it this way if you're the Titans today, playing in Stillwater takes you more than 1,000 miles closer. Now the real fun begins.

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