Physical Education Building Addition

Construction on the addition to Titan Gymnasium is scheduled to begin on Monday, September 17th, according to Jay Bond, Cal State Fullerton's associate vice president for facilities management.

While it has commonly been referred to as an expansion to the gym, Bond says, "It's truly not a 'gym expansion'. It's an instructional addition to our Physical Education Building."

The addition will feature the following:

  • The new structure will add 56,570 gross square feet, 40,000 net.
  • Includes 41 faculty offices; offices for the department of Kinesiology and Health promotion
  • Contain a 125 seat lecture hall
  • Additional lecture and seminar rooms
  • A 14,000 square foot practice gym
  • A 10,000 square foot wellness center which includes classrooms for biomechanics, exercise physiology, and physical assessment
  • And classrooms for anatomy and movement, motor behavior, performance enhancement, sports psychology, and group exercise.

UPDATE (Sep 19, 2001):

A completion date of January, 2003 is currently scheduled.

I was on campus Tuesday and the site has been fenced off as shown from the graphic below. Spin: Apparently there will be no renovations to the existing gym which is in dire need of new lighting and a adequate sound system. We won't even bother to mention the need for an upgrade to the junior high school scoreboard recently added.