Wanless To Interview for AD Job on Thursday

Dr. Terry L. Wanless will be on the Cal State Fullerton campus Thursday, Nov. 8, to interview for the director of athletics position.

Wanless formerly was director of athletics at North Dakota (1990-99), Western Carolina (1986-90) and Towson State, where he also served as a football and golf coach during his 14-year stay on campus. He earned his bachelors degree at Black Hills State, his masters at Northern Illinois and his doctorate at Temple.

An open forum for faculty and staff will be held at 2:15 p.m. in LH 210G and for students at 3 p.m. in the same location.

TitanCentral.com Spin: Boring. When you hear names like Gene Murphy or Bill Bavasi, Terry Winless, er, Wanless just doesn't cut it. He is also one of the finalists for the AD job at Wisc.-GB which makes him even less appealing. Let's see, where else did he apply? A search also turned up Western Illinois, and Providence College. Basically he is just looking for a job, any job and this is not the guy we need. He also applied for the Portland job last year and was a finalist.

I am happy to report Wanless did get a job as consultant to a search committee for the U. of Minnesota.

And our Ice Hockey team -- do they still exist? -- will not get any favors either. Fans were quite upset with some scheduling decisions he made while at UND.

Wrestling fans should also be wary: Wanless recommended dropping the sport at North Dakota.

Not sure the real reason Wanless was fired (or resigned) at UND but you can tell his political correctness went too far according to one writer. We need someone at CSF who can think outside the box, not someone whose head is still in it.

Sorry Terry, perhaps UCI will be hiring soon.

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