Nike Summer League Report & Depth Charts

How does one get their Titans basketball fix in July? The simple answer is to just <em>say no</em>. As in the annual Say No summer league, AKA 2004 Nike Los Angeles College ProCity League. This past Saturday you were able to see seven Titans -- six current and one future -- play in three different games.

Here is a quick rundown on the players who played on Saturday:

John Clemmons: Didn't get a chance to see him play but just as well as he played limited minutes on a pretty bad team according to those in attendance (0 points). We've heard good things about the junior walk-on from El Camino so looks forward to seeing how good this kid can play. If we can get 5-10 minutes of point guard play we are set at this position.

Bobby Brown: LB made the hour and a half fight through traffic well worth the drive. He had many supporters including his mom and Trevor Ariza, the 43rd pick in the NBA draft. LB played with Trevor while attending Westchester HS in Los Angeles.

Bobby nailed threes (NBA threes mind you), outside shots and drove to the basket while scoring a game-high 25 points. Those in attendance felt he might have put on a few pounds of muscle but he also appears to be quicker and jumps a little higher. Easily the best player on either team which included many players from around the Big West and Pac-10.

Frank Robinson: The latest transfer to the Titans by the way of East Carolina. First impression is he will definitely be worth the wait while he sits out a year. He's left-handed and he's a leaper. He reminds you of David Warsaw only a lot better and a lot bigger. Reports on his height ranged from 6-2 to 6-5. Put him down as a definite 6-4.

The knock on Robinson is that he is a "tweener" who lacks an outside shot. He loves to shoot so when -- not if -- he improves, he will be a force in the Big West. Look forward to seeing him match up against Ralphy Holmes during practice.

Lloyd Walls: Walls was matched up against Jeff McMillan of USC the whole game and he did very well. Let's just say if we had Walls last season versus USC we win going away. Not too much of an offensive game but he will make the easy shots and he does not have "ping-pong paddles for hands".

Based on his performance he is our leading candidate to start at the center position. With four others on the floor who are looking to score we really do not need another scorer, just someone who can cover a big, box out and know how to play defense. Walls fits this bill nicely.

Justin Burns: Burns didn't play until there were about four minutes left in the game as he couldn't find a ride to LA. I was looking forward to see him play again after the first viewing when he performed so poorly at Fullerton JC. Burns, a really nice, personable kid, actually looked taller and stronger this time around (He's listed as 6-6). Four minutes won't tell you a whole lot but he can play defense and he can't shoot free throws.

Jermaine Harper: There are some pretty high expectations for Jermaine this coming season and Titan fans are going to have some frustrating times watching him play as he seems like a streaky type of player. Jermaine has a very good looking shot but but he may have trouble playing against stronger and taller guards.

Make no mistake, he did not play well in this game. He had 15 points and his team (Mark One) did win but something was missing. His shot was off and his decision making was not on. Of course, we watched this game right after seeing the new UCLA Bruin recruits energize a 20 point deficit into a win in front of a packed gym. It also needs to be mentioned that Harper arrived just as the game started so there was no time to warm up.

Hardy Asprilla: What fans saw last season -- effort, intensity, passion, hustle, no hops -- is exactly what they will get next season and is what fans saw at the Say No. Hardy doesn't know how to play any other way. He will not put up great stats in the boxscore but he will do everything he can to win games. No surprises here.

After watching the Titans play it became quite obvious we will have a totally different look next season, both with the new players and with a new game plan. Unlike last year, our guard play will be what wins and loses games. If we are to win, shooting and atking it to the basket will have to be our strength because rebounding will be our weakness.

Originally I was concerned about our depth but after looking at the current roster we actually have plenty of guys who can play. Lack of height, which will like equate to lack of rebounding, appears to be the real culprit. Here is a first stab at what our depth chart will look like for 2004-05.

Predicted Depth Chart (Start of Season)

Point Guard: Bobby Brown, John Clemmons, Jermaine Harper

Shooting Guard: Jermaine Harper, Bobby Brown, Danny Lambert

Small Forward: Yaphett King, Danny Lambert, Justin Burns

Power Forward: Hardy Asprilla, Mike Harrington, Yaphett King, Justin Burns

Center: Lloyd Walls, Derek Quinet

Top 8 Players (based on projected playing time): Bobby Brown, Jermaine Harper, Yaphett King, Hardy Asprilla, Lloyd Walls, Derek Quinet, Danny Lambert, Justin Burns

Predicted Depth Chart (Beginning December 21st, 2004)

Point Guard: Bobby Brown, John Clemmons, Jermaine Harper

Shooting Guard: Jermaine Harper, Ralphy Holmes, Bobby Brown, Danny Lambert

Small Forward: Ralphy Holmes, Yaphett King, Danny Lambert, Justin Burns

Power Forward: Jamaal Brown, Hardy Asprilla, Mike Harrington, Justin Burns

Center: Lloyd Walls, Derek Quinet

Top 8 Players (based on projected playing time) : Ralphy Holmes, Bobby Brown, Jamaal Brown, Jermaine Harper, Yaphett King, Hardy Asprilla, Lloyd Walls, Derek Quinet

Again, be sure to check out the 2004-05 Roster.