Titans Remain Undefeated in Nike Summer League

As a Titan basketball fan, you take your wins whenever and wherever they are and in this case it was this past Saturday at the Nike Los Angeles College ProCity League. Did this summer league game mean anything more than all the others at the summer league event? As a Titan fan, absolutely.

The final boxscore read: Salvatori's Spirit 82, Sinclair's Bruins 80. But the dozen or so Titan fans and the 500 or so UCLA Bruin fans knew differently. This was really a matchup of three Titans versus at least five known UCLA freshmen.

Sinclair's Bruins is a team made of of the highly acclaimed UCLA recruits ( Jordan Farmar, Arron Afflalo, Josh Shipp, Lorenzo Mata and Matt McKinney among others) while Salvatori's Spirit included three Titans, Bobby Brown, Frank Robinson and the always tardy Justin Burns. ( Lloyd Walls is also on the team but could not make it due to work commitments)

The game was a seesaw battle throughout with the Titans finally prevailing at the end on spectacular dunks and drives by Robinson and the clutch shooting, dishing and driving by LB, including one amazing shot that even video can't do justice. Burns also contributed once he showed up in the second quarter. The rest of the Spirit were more of a hindrance than anything else.

LB finished with a game-high 27 points (2 of 5 on 3-pointers), 4 rebounds and 7 assists. Robinson had a game-high 10 rebounds (tied with two Bruins), 26 points on 12 for 18 shooting. If the Big West is truly a guard-oriented offense, the Titans should be Big West Champions for some time ;)

Some photos (captured from a camcorder) are shown below and TitanCentral.com has also put together a three minute highlight video. Be forewarned that we are not video experts. For best viewing experience, download the larger file and then go take a coffee break. DVD's are also available for purchase.

Quicktime is required Titans vs. Bruins Highlight Video: Larger Version (14.1 MB) | Smaller Version (1.8 MB)
Saturday, July 17, 2004 (QuickTime is required)

CSF's Frank Robinson shows UCLA's Arron Afflalo that some do play defense in this league.

Robinson displays some of his mad skills by taking a pass from LB and slamming it home.

Ho-hum, here is another one. Believe it or not Robinson does a have a decent outside shot.

After mesmerizing UCLA's Jordan Farmar with his dribbling LB decides to launch -- and make -- a 3-pointer.

Bobby "LB" Brown races down the court to get back on defense after completing a three-point play.

Brown leaps underneath the basket, across the key and throws in a no-look shot while being fouled. Yes, he also made the free throw.



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