Season Preview: 2004-05 Men's Basketball

With the loss of five seniors and the addition of 12 newcomers, predicting the 2004-05 men's basketball season is no easy task. Never fear, as three fans and a publisher give you a wide range of views for the upcoming season.

Welcome to's Cal State Fullerton basketball preview. Be forewarned, this is not your typical preview. Going for the "fair and balanced" slant, this year's preview will feature a full range of opinions from three fans and the publisher of

Mike Welton (Rufus), Whit Haydon (Throwback), Kirk San Roman (Mr. Titan Rugby) and Paul Causey (TitanCentral) try to answer and predict how well the Titans will fare in the 2004-05 season.

 2004-05 Preview

Monday: Groundrules & Intro
  Point Guards
Tuesday: Wings
Wednesday: Front Court
Thursday: Outlook & Predictions

Last year's preview had three of the four "previewers" and each of us over-estimated on the number of wins during an unsuccessful run at the first winning season in over 12 years. This year the expectations are not nearly as high due to the abundance of newcomers and the loss of five seniors including NBA-bound center Pape Sow. The quality of the previews, however, will remain unchanged.

This year's forecast will span four days and will be broken down as follows.

Today: Point Guards (Bobby Brown, John Clemmons, Damien Massey)

Tuesday: Wings (Jermaine Harper, Ralphy Holmes, Yaphett King, Andrew Awad, Vershan Cottrell, Danny Lambert)

Wednesday: Front Court (Jamaal Brown, Hardy Asprilla, Lloyd Walls, Derek Quinet, Justin Burns, Mike Harrington)

Thursday: Summary/Predictions

At the end of each preview, the evaluators will grade each position compared to other Big West teams. For instance, an 'A' grade would mean the Titans have the 1st or 2nd best players (as a whole) at that position. Pluses and minuses may be added to distinguish between the two. The following grading curve will be used:

A: 1st or 2nd best (as compared to other Big West teams)
B: 3rd or 4th
C: 5th or 6th
D: 7th or 8th
F: 9th or 10th

Now that the ground rules are set, let's move on to the actual content. First on our docket are the point guards.