Titans stomp Aggies

OPINION: Thoughts and observations on Saturday's blow-out victory, 89-61, over the UC Davis Aggies

Despite the winning the crowds still aren't showing. A reported 689 were in attendance at historic Titan Gym. I think it will take awhile -- and a lot more winning -- before we consistently draw over 1,000 per game. Long Beach State and UC Irvine come in this week and that will certainly help.

About the team

I have come to the realization why I am no longer on edge anymore. When you go into a game knowing the team won't quit, they will battle every possession and we have a legitimate offense with legitimate scorers, life is good.

UC Davis was just what I expected: A tough-nosed team who also battles but is just over-matched. We had better players at each position so it was going to take UCD's best game versus our worst game for them to win. Even when the Aggies were unconscious in the first five minutes, I knew we just had to buckle down on defense and play our game.

Ralphy Holmes was the player of the game and came up big on both ends of the floor. The energy he brings to the Titans can not be replaced. I know people are in love with Viva-Hardy Asprilla (me too) but Ralphy has an aura about him that can not be explained. It's magical.

Speaking of which, Bobby Brown was his normal self and he's seeing the floor much better than last year. Much better. We just need our players to stay on the alert for the passes. 7-to-2 assist-to-turnover ratio I will take every game. He just has tremendous confidence.

It was great to see Jermaine Harper not sulk after a bad game. He was back to his old self on defense and hit a big three early in the second half.

The Q-factor

As many stated at the game, the unsung hero was easily Derek Quinet. With Jamaal Brown struggling and missing defensive assignments he was rightfully pulled by head coach Bob Burton. Quinet replaced him and that's when the Titans pulled away for good. "Q" always gives us tremendous effort but this time his hard work paid off.

What's expected

There have been many games in past seasons where it was expected that we would win easily. It's been very rare we ever left satisfied. This team is not where it needs to be in terms of execution but they more than make up for it in terms of excitement and energy.