Titans manhandle Vandals

(Photo by Matt Brown) Thoughts, opinions and observations from Thursday's win over Idaho. The Titans need one more win to clinch their first winning season since 1992-93.

Yaphett King's line wasn't the best he's ever had in a Titan uniform (11 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists in 28 minutes) but what this young man did after Cal State Fullerton's 84-74 win over Idaho was an historic moment in historic Titan Gym.

There are no records to back it up but there have not been this many students at a game since at least the mid-80s. After the game, a group of students did a victory lap around the court. "Very cool," I thought. And to think security didn't mind either was nearly mind-boggling.

What happen next was even better. Yaphett King grabs the court microphone and, in an emotion-filled speech, he "Thanks" the fans and students for coming out. He then runs up and down the bleachers high-fiveing all the fans. I don't remember exactly what he said but I am sure it rivaled some of the best sports speeches of all-time.

I am going to miss this fine young man once the season is over but I will certainly enjoy the rest of what he has to offer.

Oh, that's right, we won the game

I thought we won in a pretty decisive fashion. Idaho is a good team. Not sure how they started the season 0-7 but I do know they have the talent to create an upset or two in the Big West tournament. I can also see how they beat Utah State at home.

But on this night, the fans, the band, and the Titan players and coaches were just too much to overcome.

Ralphy Holmes was sensational (who knew he was playing injured?) on both ends of the floor. He is a 6-4 rebounding machine. Ralphy is not known for great hops but I could have sworn he could touch the top of the backboard on a couple of those rebounds. The rebound tip-in was my favorite for him that night.

Jamaal Brown? Who said transfers could not play? I can not be happier with his play during conference. He is an absolute force inside. I feel very comfortable with the ball in his hands on the low post. I even don't mind his occasional three-point attempts. Call it the shooter in me but when a player feels it, he should be allowed to shoot. He had 5 turnovers last night but in his previous five games he has a total of six. Pretty good for our only true post player.

Bobby Brown also looked comfortable on the court. 19 points, six assists and one of the most spectacular traditional three-points plays you will ever see. It was so sick that even the typically stoic referee Bill Vinovich showed some emotion when he called the foul. Classic play and I immediately looked at the scoreboard for a replay, to no avail. I would love to see this on tape.

Jermaine Harper was playing with a bum shoulder he apparently injured at Long Beach State but this did not appear to affect his shot. Harper hit three of four treys and played the great defense he is known to play. I think he is becoming more consistent as the season progresses.

And let's not forget John Clemmons and JB2 (Justin Burns). Clemmons only played three minutes, all in the first half, but he is the one who sparked our run at the end of that half. Not one of Justin Burns better games but this kid certainly has no trouble getting lift. He came in and provided us with 13 solid minutes.

Season isn't over

Just want the fans, especially the students, to keep coming. Just want to keep seeing this team play hard (no worries here). And just want to see as many wins as possible over the coming weeks. This team has an opportunity to do something very special and it would only be fitting, as this is a very special team.