Cal State Fullerton Wins Opener

(Photo by Matt Brown) Titans dominate the game and advance to the semi-finals of the Big West tournament. Here are some short, random thoughts and opinions from last nights win at the Big West Tournament.

Hard to believe we last won a tournament game in 1998... seems much longer.

Favorite Chant: "MVP, MVP, MVP"

Speaking of the MVP, that Ralphy Holmes buzzer beater to end the half was pretty sweet.

Overheard in the crowd: "I still love Donny (Daniels) but he would never have been able to do this."

Best defensive player of the night: Whoever was guarding Joe See.

Bobby Brown, Jermaine Harper and John Clemmons did a fantastic job in shutting down this potential threat.

The Titan trio allowed four points on 1 for 8 shooting. Bob Burton deserves a ton of credit for coming up with this strategy.

The administration is trying. They handed out free orange T-shirts to the Section K crowd ... felt like a goodwill gesture.

Not everyone in the administration is pro-basketball or pro-fans but the key players are... this does help. How much? Only time will tell.

The Slo-O is gone.

No, this is not in reference to our team of two years ago, but the fact that CSULB and UCSB have both been eliminated.

Should be an exciting final four from a fan's point of view.

Is it just me or is the Slo-O just the absolute worst kind of basketball to watch?

As one fan pointed out, "The UCI/Long Beach State match-up set the game back 100 years."

I do love Justin Burns, especially when he's swatting shots, but I still am not comfortable when he has the ball.

Take a deep breath and just relax (That's for me, not Justin).

Free throws. We need to start making them again.

Titans can play much better... and they will need to in order to beat Utah State.

We need to stay out of foul trouble and can't miss the easy baskets like we did last night.

Our guards are significantly better but they can not let USU try to frustrate them.

Stay focused, stay positive.

Worst mascot viewing since San Diego State's "Tony Gywnn" impersonation: UCSB's the Phantom. Oh, the horror.

Nobody in the Big West has as good of post moves as Yaphett King. Amazing what he does underneath the basket.

And his 3-point shooting isn't bad either.

Some don't like the free-style play of Bobby Brown but I say keep it going. He will only get better but he ain't bad now.

Good to see him back on track, 3-point-wise.

I see him having a big game against the Aggies tonight.

So who the heck was worried about rebounding when the season began. Names! I want name names!

Coaches have told us time and time again: Rebounding is all about heart and who wants it more.

But have you ever seen it hold more truer than with this group of Titans?

Jamaal Brown, Ralhpy Holmes and Yaphett King average about 6-5 in height, but 7-0 in heart.

It's worth saying again. This is my all-time favorite team. Ever.