Burton Secures New Contract

Cal State Fullerton men's basketball Coach Bob Burton today signed a new 5-year contract today. The previous contract was set to expire in two years.

No one expected great things from this Titans this year but everything fell into place as Cal State Fullerton just completed it's second best season in the history of the program. The Titans finished with an astounding 21 victories, 10 more than they had the previous year and the most among Southern California Div. I schools. The team also won two post-season games, a feat last accomplished during the 1977-78 Cinderella run in the NCAA tournament.

Loyola Marymount aggressively pursued the 2nd year head coach but returning players and loyalty to the school made the decision an easy one.

"I was at the same high school for 8 years, I was at West Valley for 23 years. I'm not a move-around kind of guy," said Titans coach Bob Burton. "Cal State Fullerton took a chance on me, so there is some loyalty there as well."

It was not reveal what LMU offered nor what it took for Burton to stay at Cal State Fullerton though one source said the LMU offer was "substantially more."

"I was concerned about my coaches and they helped with that," said Burton. "It was an easy decision to stay."

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