Titan Pavilion: More than just a name change

New Athletic Director Brian Quinn and associate Athletic Director Steve DiTolla are planning big things for Cal State Fullerton in the coming years but one of their immediate goals is to upgrade Titan Pavilion (formerly know as titan Gym).

The current plan is to add new seating on the south side (green area, see larger drawing) and new bleachers behind the basket which would be much closer to the floor than where they currently are. Also included in the plans is a completely refinished floor as shown in the drawing.

One other feature will be to extend the north-side (and south when installed) upper bleachers -- commonly known as the Vegas Seats -- for all games whether they are needed or not. This will give the gym more of a Pavilion atmosphere.

Not shown are plans for a new lighting system which would generate more light than it does sound (now that's thinking outside the box for Cal State Fullerton), a new drop-down scoreboard and a new sound system. Obviously, most Titan fans realize these items are way overdue but, until now, we didn't have an administration which actively pursued upgrading the facility.

TitanCentral Spin: Now, how much of this will get done for next year is not known and will require extra funds. If I'm the president I write a check tomorrow and we have a decent facility within a year or two. My opinion is they have to make the south-side seating priority number one since construction is already underway. To add this at a later date will most likely cost 3-5 times more if added after construction is completed. In other words it would never happen. Estimates are currently at $75,000 for this task. Again, if I'm president I approve this now and worry about where the money comes from later. As I like to say, it's a no-brainer. The other features can be added as funds become available or if Fullerton can secure a donor. What's your take?