The Uninformed Titan Review

(Photo by Bryan Crowe) This is going to upset a lot of Titan fans. Not because of what I have to say, but because it knocked that picture of Allyson off the front page of My bad. Go to the games to see her.

Though it would be smart to heed my own advice.

I haven't been back to a Titans game since I walked out early during the Cal Poly drubbing over a week ago. It was easily the ugliest thing I have ever seen at Titan Gym—an empty wall where the beer stand used to be. What a night for the Cal State Chancellor's office to inflict its morality on others. Anybody who sat through that game deserved a beer. It was like the Titans had reverted back to the Bob Hawking era. Like Bobby Brown had morphed into Chuck Overton and Jamaal Brown into Winston Peterson.

All that game needed was for Gary Nunez to have a "Chairmen of the Boards" tattoo on his arm and it was 1998 all over again. (But hey, they had beer available during the Hawking era.)

That game was the reason why the smart people watched NFL football at Hooters on Saturday instead of going on that bus trip. At least Hooters serves beers, or that was the rumor. Not sure they have any lookers to rival Allyson, though.

So it raises a dilemma here. We are contracted to contribute to on a regular basis, yet we have only seen the team once (for 35 minutes) over the past four games. So we consulted our "What Would Steve Bisheff Do" toupee for our answer and it said to drive forth. So we will.

Four games into the Big West schedule and there are two conclusions to be drawn. The Titans aren't better than Cal Poly. And they aren't better than UC Riverside. The Highlanders mopped the floor with Pacific. Really embarrassed them. The Titans couldn't even hold a lead against a team that was run off the floor by UC Riverside.

What does this mean?

It means that the Titans are well respected. (As the Bish would say, "Think about it.") Pacific was so concerned with Fullerton, they overlooked Riverside and it bit them. When was the last time a Fullerton opponent overlooked another team with the Titans circled on the calendar? Has that ever happened to Fullerton in basketball?

It is a great honor at this point, but not one that seems well deserved. The Titans appear to have a lot of flaws (defense being one of them) and are only on the cusp of being the top dog in the Big West. The magazines, local press, and the message board "experts" might have been a little too rash in conceding the crown to the Titans.

Fullerton will dazzle you with flashes of brilliance at times and will win games on the road against talented clubs (Northridge). There also will be times where they will make you wish you had a beer in your hand (Cal Poly). Yet this team still has its best chance in recent memory to reach not only the Big West Tournament finals, but possibly don the slippers for the big dance. Can they do it? The team has not given any indication that it can close out a quality opponent in a neutral or hostile environment and that looks like what we will be drawn to remember most about this team. But there is still time. If they could do it, I would certainly toast to that.

Adam Rank is a syndicated free-lance journalist based in Sunset Beach, Calif., and his work has appeared in and various newspapers across the country. He is also the founder of the award-winning website,