Booze Ban Hypocrisy

Apparently the new alcohol ban brought down by CSU's Chancellor only affects certain events at Cal State Fullerton.

The Cal State University system has enacted a ban on alcoholic beverages from university sporting events. This is old news. Even Steve Bisheff must have heard of this by now.

But dig how the ban applies only to “athletic” events. These hypocrites in the chancellor’s office are not about to ban alcohol from any extorio…err…fundraising activity.

“The CSU believes that service of alcoholic beverages…is contrary to its system wide alcohol policy and to its purpose of  promoting a safe and healthy learning environment for all members of the university community.”

Fair enough.

But if you would like to attend Cal State Fullerton’s Vision & Visionaries Distinguished Alumni Awards dinner, be sure to designate a driver because they are having free champagne.

Selling a beer at a baseball game is bad. Handing out free booze to alumni in a black tie affair is perfectly acceptable. (And this is not a knock against Cal State Fullerton’s administration who would still love to serve booze at sporting events.) But how is this consistent to its “system wide alcohol policy?”

It does send a pretty good message to students on campus about the realities of a bureaucratic society. If you make enough money, you can buy your own rules. But if you are an average Joe looking for a beer or two at a sporting event, not so much.

If you are a distinguished alumni, a blue blooded aristocrat come drink all of the free booze than you can stomach. But if you are a loyal Cal State Fullerton baseball fan, look for the police to crash your tailgate party.

It is funny that the chancellor’s office will allow alumni associations to operate like a strip club. If they can get these wealthy alumni drunk enough on free champagne, they might lose sense enough to start handing out donation checks like a drunk throwing dollar bills at the stage. Nice message. Again, this is obviously consistent with its “system wide alcohol policy.” The rich get richer, the poor get sober.

At least it is getting students ready for Bush’s America.

Why stop there? Maybe the CSU chancellor’s office can start handing out numbers to students and yellow identification tags to those who are allowed to drink alcohol and those who are not.

The CSU system also noted that it wanted to limit the sale of alcohol advertising at sporting events. But at the same time, CS Fullerton would like to give a shout out to Korbel Champagne for its generous contribution to the Front & Center event with Gladys Knight.

If the chancellor’s office wants to bring back prohibition, while making the schools athletics programs lose revenue, that’s fine. But let’s go all the way on this thing.

Adam Rank is a syndicated free-lance journalist based in Sunset Beach, Calif. His work has appeared in, NFL Insider Magazine and various newspapers across the country. He is also the founder of the award-winning website, . The site was recently voted the Orange County’s top site for player hating by the editors at the OCR. (Just kidding, Greg. Please don’t call.)