Ping! The End of an Era's -- and Hater Nation's -- Adam Rank gives us his take on the NCAA College Baseball playoffs. No, he is not going to give us another regional breakdown story or talk about who Cal State Fullerton should pitch against St. Louis. No, he has bigger fish to fry.

The college baseball playoffs have started and this is the time of year that Cal State Fullerton alumni can be proud of their alma mater (and not pretend that they went to USC).

That goes double for super fan Kevin Costner.

The K-Dawg has become college baseball’s top fan, the King of Ping if you will. But now he is facing some stiff opposition for a pair of competitors that might be best described as the Queen of Schwing.

Pamela Anderson has become a real super fan of Pepperdine and the Malibu native has become a fixture at regular season games. The K-Dawg, conversely, only shows up to mug for the ESPN cameras during the playoffs. (And have you ever noticed that the baseball stadium and non-existent basketball arena are not named after the K-Dawg.)

Anderson has become such a fan of the Waves; you almost expect a sex tape with the vixen and catcher Chad Tracy (son of Jim) to surface at any time. And while Anderson has made a habit of taping herself during sex, her partners were willing unlike the masseuse the K-Dawg allegedly performed a lewd sex act in front of.

You really have to feel for the Titans fans here. First Pepperdine defeated Cal State for the College World Series title in 1992. Now Anderson is quickly becoming the, uh, face of College Baseball. If Anderson ever makes a $1B blockbuster where she plays a gruff but likeable loner in a post-apocalyptic world, Titans fans will have nothing to hold on to. 

Adam Rank is a syndicated free-lance journalist based in Sunset Beach, Calif. His work has appeared in, NFL Insider Magazine and various newspapers across the country. He is also the founder of the award-winning website, . The site was recently voted the Orange County’s top site for player hating by the editors at the OCR. (Just kidding, Greg. Please don’t call.)