VIDEO: Say No Summer League

Cal State Fullerton basketball players Scott Cutley, Bobby Brown and Ray Reed matched up during Sunday's 3:30 p.m. slot at the Say No Summer League held on the campus of West LA College. Exclusive video footage is provided.

Scott Cutley and Bobby Brown were playing for the Hoops Family while Ray Reed stars for Sinclair's Bruins. Sinclair's won the contest by 10+ points. The Bruins feature UCLA players Russell Westbrook and Luc Richard Mbah A Moute. Incoming freshman James Keefe is also on the team but was a no-show.

Ray Reed had the best showing as far as the Titan players were concerned. He was passing (a little too much for my taste), hitting jumpers and driving through a very porous defense which was led by the now infamous Keith "Cool Breeze" Everage of Cal State-Northridge lore.

Cutley, who scored 51 points a day earlier, looked somewhat tired as he missed quite a few easy buckets and had trouble hitting his outside shot. His rebounding was quite good though but I was hoping to see more vocal leadership on the floor. It is only a summer league game so this really was to be expected.

Most of the Titan faithful who showed up to the game were pleasantly surprised to see Bobby Brown. He had already played two games with Frank Robinson for Salvatori's Spirit but he apparently has switched teams. No word on why this change was made.

Brown came off the bench, perhaps because it was his first game with the team, but he did see plenty of action. It's a good thing because, aside from Cutley, this team is a turnover waiting to happen and once the ball gets into the hands of Cool Breeze no one will see it again. Either he takes -- and misses -- a shot (and he will go left every single time) or he turns it over with an ill-advised pass. Apparenlty Everage did not make the game on Saturday because there is no way Cutley would have touched the ball enough times to score 51 points.

Back to LB. Brown was looking more to pass and get his teammates involved, which sounds like a noble move, but this team had no one who could put the ball in the basket on a consistent basis. The only time this was effective was when he and Cutley worked the inside/outside game. And that's when Hoops Family made a nice run in the first half to take a one-point lead. I would guess LB took about 5 outside shots at most. The good news is there was not one tear-drop. He made quite a few easy layups and had a few almost-spectacular plays. He certainly can play and he even took a charge and was playing semi-aggressive defense, especially considering it was a Say No game.

Also on Hoops Family is Jerard Moret who has transferred out of Cal State Fullerton. He still looks like a good player but he did not play much, maybe 1/3 of the game at best. The announcers are known for saying where each kid currently plays but whenever he touched the ball the announcer would say, "Jerard Moret, a transfer out of Cal State Fullerton."

Scott Cutley and Bobby Brown at the Say No -- Watch Video (Will require a premium pass)

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