Updated Depth Chart

The Cal State Fullerton scrimmage and BBQ was held on Saturday and the annual fundraiser had plenty of excitement. Here are some brief notes as well as an update to TitanCentral.com's latest depth chart.

The Depth Chart is based on Saturday's scrimmage and from viewing a couple practices recently. These are the opinions of TitanCentral.com and probably do not reflect actual coaches depth charts.

The biggest change is Marcus Crenshaw has moved slightly ahead of Ray Reed at the two spot. He has clearly outperformed Reed from an offensive standpoint during my visits but coaches are putting a emphasis on defense and, according to at least one player, Reed is the best defensive player on the team. Personally, I like offense and Crenshaw has been our best outside threat on a consistent basis. Either way both should see plenty of playing time.

In addition, the first three games will have a much different look (See suspensions). Dwayne Marshall, even though he has an awkward outside shot and it doesn't fall too often, will be in the rotation based on his aggressive defensive play.

My starting lineup for these three games will look like: Crenshaw, Reed, Chris Minardo (if healthy), Justin Burns and Andrew Green. Marcus Morgan (if he doesn't redhirt), Kenneth Alexander, Dwayne Marshall will also see plenty of action.

Other Notes

Chris Minardo was unable to play because he had a concussion a week ago Saturday. He and Scott Cutley were going for a loose ball and Scott apparently landed on his head). The plan was for Minardo to play but CSF trainers would not clear him. He is scheduled to be cleared to play for today's practice.

Nicknames. Here are some of the nicknames I picked up during the scrimmage.  Big Bank (Frank Robinson), KK (Kenneth Alexander), Ray-Ray (Ray Reed), Spider (Justin Burns, aka JB), LB (Bobby Brown). And my personal favorite: The Torch (Josh Akognon, for obvious reasons)