Newman's Notes

The Cal State Fullerton men's basketball team squared off in an closed scrimmage at San Diego State on Monday afternoon. Assistant coach Andy Newman shares some of his views on what worked, what didn't as well as other notes and observations.

This is a feature and Andy Newman hope to continue throughout the season so please be patient while we work out the initial kinks in the format.

So let's dig right in.

Here are some notes on how Titans fared, according to coach Newman, in their first real competition of the 2006-07 season:

  • No score was kept but both 20 minutes halves were played very even, maybe a slight edge to the Titans
  • (Editor's Note: SDSU is getting votes -- ranked 36 -- in the first AP poll which just came out and are also the pre-season favorites to win the MWC)
  • The Titans new pressure defense looked very good
  • Zone, full-court press and man-to-man still needs some work
  • Offense was up-and-down: Looked great sometimes and a work-in-progress at other times
  • SDSU is a taller team; rebounding was a concern and is another area which needs work
  • Titans played the "Book Crew" for extended periods (i.e. without Frank Robinson, Bobby Brown and Scott Cutley)
  • Winsor Williams and Dwayne Marshall showed they could play against a good opponent
  • Bobby Brown and Marcus Crenshaw looked the best on the floor
  • The anticipated battle of Westchester guards Brandon Heath and LB never materialized as Heath played at the shooting guard position while LB spent all his time at point
  • Chris Minardo was likely the Titans' high scorer with five or six three's
  • Andrew Green stepped up and played well as did Justin Burns
  • Jarrel Lake, Curtis Battles and Kevin Delange did not play

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