Newman's Notes: Hope International

Cal State Fullerton just completed it's "exhibition" portion of the basketball schedule by defeating Hope International on Tuesday night at Titan Gym. The game counted but it is quite clear this game, as well as Friday's match against Cal Maritime, were tune-ups and tryouts during the Bookstore Four suspensions. Assistant coach Andy Newman shares some of his views on last nights game.

Here are some notes taken during a conversation with assistant coach Andy Newman after the game against Hope International:

 Previous Notes

Nov. 7th, 2006 SDSU Scrimmage
  • Defense, defense, defense. Coaches are stressing it, players didn't play it too well last night.
  • Defense looked awful. Players are struggling with the ball pressure concept as well as help and rotation.
  • Certainly no where near where they need to be defensively. Coaches are done teaching the players where they need to be defensively and now the task is to make them get there.
  • Rebounding does not appear to be a great concern but it's hard to tell at this point because of the teams they have played.
  • Hope is much more improved over last year and they will do some damage in their league. They are much better than Cal Maritime
  • Ray Reed played very well; Normal progress at this point. Slow start attributed to getting his feet wet after sitting out a year, new system, new coaches and is now feeling more comfortable and confident
  • Offensively, team played well but improving the defense was the theme and what they are going to work on this week.