TitanCentral.com's Annual Basketball Preview

Based on last year's high pre-season expectations and a 5-9 conference record, the Cal State Fullerton men's basketball team is coming off a "disappointing" season. The Titans did manage a 16-13 overall record and posted back-to-back winning seasons for the first time over 20 years but that was not enough to appease the coaches and fans of the program.

Times have most certainly changed since the arrival of head coach Bob Burton and this is a good thing.

This year Cal State Fullerton is a consensus third-place selection by both the media and coaches, behind only Pacific and Long Beach State. While the Titans return only four players from last year -- starters Bobby Brown and Justin Burns, sixth-man Frank Robinson, and walk-on Curtis Battles -- the roster appears to be deeper and more talented and the future of Titan Basketball appears to be as bright as it has ever been.

The fourth Annual Cal State Fullerton basketball fan preview takes a look at this years players and breaks them down by position. Throwback, DXDA Star, Rufus -- surprise, he's back again -- and yours truly try to answer and predict how well the Titans will fare in the 2006-07 season.

 2006-07 Preview

Wednesday: Introduction
  Point Guards
Thursday: Wings
Saturday: Front Court
Tuesday: Outlook & Predictions

This year's forecast will span four days and will be broken down as follows:

Today: Point Guards (Bobby Brown, Marcus Crenshaw, Winsor Williams)
Thursday: Wings (Ray Reed, Frank Robinson, Scott Cutley, Marcus Crenshaw, Dwayne Marshall, )
Friday: Front Court (Justin Burns, Marcus Morgan, Andrew Green, Chris Minardo, Kenneth Alexander, Curtis Battles, Jerrel Lake)
Saturday: Summary/Predictions

Similar to the last three years, the evaluators will grade each position compared to other Big West teams. For example, an 'A' grade would mean the Titans have the 1st or 2nd best players (as a whole) at that position. Pluses and minuses may be added to distinguish between the two. Here is the full list of how the grades are handed out:

A: 1st or 2nd best (as compared to other Big West teams)
B: 3rd or 4th
C: 5th or 6th
D: 7th
F: 8th

Finally, there will be a prediction on the overall and Big West Conference schedules as well as how far the Titans will go in the post-season.

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