Newman's Notes: Louisiana-Lafayette

Cal State Fullerton wins second consecutive road game by beating Louisiana-Lafayette 91-89 in overtime. The Titans 4-0 for the first time since 1989 when Cedric Ceballos was a senior and Bruce Bowen was a freshman (and both were very skinny).

Disclaimer: These notes are paraphrased from a brief conversation with coach Andy Newman. Some information may not be exact quotes but the did its best to capture the points being made:

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  • Started game playing fantastic; Defense was very good and then fatigue set in when Louisiana-Lafayette made their comeback
  • Scott Cutley played extremely well. They were not able to stop him on the block.
  • KK (Kenneth Alexander) was good in his 10 minute stint with six boards. Had some trouble guarding their big man but he's coming along.
  • Great to start the season 4-0 for the first time since 1989.
  • Titans appeared to struggle against ULL's zone but this was not really the case. Titans had plenty of good shots but they just weren't falling. Lots of missed open three's and misses inside.
  • Coach Burton was happy with the result but he stressed after the game that there is still a lot of work to be done and they have a long ways to go before they are running on all cylinders.
  • Bobby Brown has a swollen right index finger but refused to use this as an excuse for his relatively ineffective play or free throw shooting.
  • Best thing coaches did was not call a timeout after ULL scored at end of overtime.
  • Cutley and Frank Robinson had to come out late in the game because of leg cramps.

Here are some other notes taken while listening to Mel Franks' internet broadcast:

  • Mel Franks is to the Titans as Vin Sculley is to the Dodgers. There is just no better play-by-play and no better ambassador.
  • All three suspended players scored within first three minutes
  • Marcus Morgan was first sub in (for Frank Robinson at 13:57). Marcus Crenshaw came in a minute later to spell LB.
  • Mel Franks Classic: "This may be the most impressive start ever; Not just points."
  • Titans had biggest lead (29-11) at the 10:39 mark (Cajuns call 30 second timeout)
  • Titans have 5 point halftime lead
  • Cutley hits fall-away jumper to tie game at 78-78 with 21.3 seconds left.
  • Titans make a huge defensive stop at end of regulation. Same play is run at end of overtime to tie the game
  • FRob steals the ball and makes a layup to tie the game at 84.
  • Justin Burns makes two huge free throws with 44 seconds left for a two point lead.
  • ULL misses 4 of 5 FTs at end of game after making 30 of 36.

The last time the Titans were 4-0 they had beaten Lamar, West Texas State, Saint Mary's and Tulsa and went on to beat Cal State Northridge to go 5-0 before losing at Colorado State. That team featured senior Cedric Ceballos and freshman Bruce Bowen.

Fullerton will attempt to go 5-0 Monday night at Eastern Washington. The Eagles are 2-3 after a narrow loss Friday night at Washington. Their other losses are at UNLV and at Gonzaga