Palomar Guard/Forward Signs with Titans

Anthony Bolton, a 6'-6" wing player from Palomar Community College, will attend Cal State Fullerton on an athletic scholarship this year. The signing of Bolton makes up for the loss of Franck Essis, who is not able to attend Cal State Fullerton because he lacked some immigration paperwork required by the institution.

Anthony Bolton averaged 19.1 points per game while shooting 46.8% from three-point land (55.6% overall). He also attended Vista High School in San Diego. Bolton is a versatile player (played all five positions while at Palomar) who turned down an offer to San Jose State because he wanted to play the wing. He has the potential to be a top player for the Titans.


"On the court, he can pretty much do it all," said friend and teammate Phil Sutton. "On top of his basketball skills, 'Ant' probably wants to win more than anyone I've ever played with. He's an intense, emotional leader who makes sure we're all ready to play."

Said Comets coach Virgil Watson: "Anthony will do whatever it takes to win and he is probably the smartest basketball player I've ever coached."

"I relish my leadership role," Bolton said. "I've been a leader for as long as I can remember. That's what my grandfather taught me ---- to be a leader and not a follower. I've thought about that a lot since he passed away."

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1999 excerpts from SoCal Hoops: Nice athlete, with a good handle, some post moves and drives to the basket well. Moves with and without the ball, active player. Did well at the Nike National Championships for his Vista team this summer. (link)

Statistics (17 games) at Palomar: 19.1 Points per game; FG: 95 - 171 (55.6%); FG-3pt: 36 - 77 (46.8%); FT: 98 - 106 (92.5%); High Game: 33

Accolades & Links: Spin: The accolades are pretty high for Bolton and it makes you wonder if he is really that good. We think he is and feel the Titan coaches stole one from somebody. This is a great signing, especially so late in the game. He's quick, he's athletic and he has a good looking shot. How he adjusts to D1 ball and Donny Daniels system is anyone's guess but I like what I've seen thus far -- admittedly not very much.