Basketball: 2007-08 Depth Chart

Updated version of the 2007-08 Cal State Fullerton basketball depth chart. After two weeks of practice, Frank Robinson appears to have the only guaranteed starting spot. With senior Scott Cutley out 4-6 more weeks with a broken ankle, look for an improved -- and healthy -- Marcus Morgan to take over at the four spot.

The biggest battle will be at the point guard spot between the Big West's 6th Man of the Year Marcus Crenshaw and diminutive, yet extremely strong, West Valley College transfer Junior Russell. Crenshaw currently has the edge based on Division I experience and gamesmanship but will need to pick up his defensive intensity if he is to stay on top of the surging Russell. Russell's strength is his strength ... he is also a good defender, extremely quick in the open court with good court vision and has a decent shot. He short stature does not appear to be a problem in the early going but we'll see once the games begin when he has to play against taller and stronger players.

The five spot is completely up for grabs but returning senior Andrew Green appears to have the early lead over senior Kenneth Alexander (AKA "KK"). Many also have high hopes for taller and stockier 6-9 Arizona Western College transfer Eddie Lima but he has fallen back a bit due to numerous ailments and a lack of conditioning. He lost a quick 20 pounds during early conditioning but still needs to lose more weight to see playing time in head coach Bob Burton's fast-paced offense.

At the wing position, an aggressive Ray Reed is challenging Josh Akognon for the starting spot. An interesting battle as each players strength is the other players weakness. Akognon is a pure shooter who will be hard to keep off the floor, however. Reed has looked impressive during the early going and if he can continue to be consistent he will see plenty of action.

As stated before, Frank Robinson looks to be the best player on the court right now for the Titans. He is a hard, dedicated worker who continues to improve his game. He is a lock at the three. Marcio Lassiter lacks experience but fans will like him because he can shoot the ball extremely well, at least in practice. He also is stronger than you might think and can penetrate to the basket when needed. He should be a good player who comes in, hustles, is aggressive and hits a couple shots.

Of the two players who are expected to redshirt, Gerard Anderson and Adam Thomas, Anderson appears to be the one who could -- and perhaps should -- play this year. Very explosive player who would likely help out at the four should Cutley be out for the season. Needs to work on his outside game but can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

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