Lights are In, Scoreboard Coming Soon

Lighting for Titan Gym has been installed and the new scoreboard is next on the agenda for Titan Gym upgrades.

It's another small step but new Athletic Director Brian Quinn has to be pleased that another item of his To Do list is almost complete. If it weren't for a couple snafus out of Quinn's control the new lighting task could be checked off but it will have to wait.

The first snafu occurred when the lights were on their way to Cal State Fullerton. In typical Titan fashion, the company the Titans used for the lights went out of business while the lights were in transit. This caused a two-week delay as the lights, per interstate laws, had to be shipped back to the supply house before they could be delivered (huh?). Nothing is simple in Titan Land.

To make matters worse, once they finally arrived in Fullerton and as the lights were being unloaded, the driver broke one, leaving an unfinished installation. Hey, at least it wasn't a Fullerton employee.

The new lights make a huge improvement on the basketball floor. In fact, where there is not new lighting – on the perimeters surrounding the court – it looks downright dark. Players actually have shadows now. :-)

Also, as stated by readers on's message boards, the bleachers behind the baskets have been painted with Titan blue and orange. Considering you still have the temporary wall on the south side of the gym it still looks pretty good.

Another goal of Quinn's is to get a drop-down scoreboard and all that is needed is to get some reinforcements completed and the next step is installation. Hopefully this can be completed before the first game of the season. A drawing of the scoreboard is shown above and is very similar to Northridge's. The Titan Hoop Club advertisement was added for display purposes only but it sure would be a nice addition.