Basketball Notebook

Titans prepare for exhibition game against Carroll College. Here are some random notes about the basketball program gathered recently.

* Chris Rhymes saw the doctor yesterday and hopefully he can get cleared in the next day or so. Head coach Bob Burton says they are going to bring him along slowly and will likely back up Gerard Anderson at the four until the coaches are certain he can play the three. Doubtful he even plays against Carroll College but this is just's opinion.

It has only been seven months since the injury and there really is no rush. If he can get to 100% by the time conference starts than that would be the best case scenario. This is an impact kid who would be playing in the Big 12 if not for the injury so there is no sense in taking any risks.

* Carroll College is an exhibition. According to Burton you can only play one non-Division I opponent. Hope game will count. Similar to playing Biola and LA State last year.

* First exhibition game was played last weekend against USD. According to Burton we were down 10 at half and lost by around 15 points. Freshman duo performed like freshman and the five spot is officially a concern right now. Nothing too earth-shattering as all the newcomers are going to struggle. Too much thinking going on but once the players settle in and the lights turn on the team will improve.

Josh Akognon played very well. He played some point and will continue to do so. USD was playing without their best player but they still dominated the game. Rebounding was a big problem.

Titans have a log ways to go before they will be competitive according to Burton.

* Marcio cleared. Marcio Lassiter had some heart problems but appears okay. Just another thing to keep an eye on as it first looked like it could be serious. Papa Guisse also missed a few practices last week with a pulled muscle.