Titans Come Close to Upset

Despite an excellent game plan from the coaching staff Cal State Fullerton could not overcome 22 turnovers in their upset bid of #19 Wake Forest as the Demon Deacons held on for a 75-69 victory over the Titans. Here are some thoughts from yesterday's game played in the first round of the 76 Classic at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Guisse it is so: Papa Guisse (pronounced gee-SAY) played his best game as a Titan. Stats don't tell the story about a fun-loving kid from Louga, Senegal who played his heart out against one of the better teams in the nation. Papa seemed to be everywhere and did everything he could to put the Titans on top. He was TitanCentral.com's Titan Player of the Game.

I CU CO: Someone told us that Marcio was likely out for weeks after injuring his knee during practice before the Portland State game. It took exactly 1-1/2 games for Marcio Lassiter to return to action and he came on to help the Titans come back from a 15 point deficit by hitting a couple clutch threes and playing good defense. Welcome back C-O.

Played well: Jacques Streeter and Gerard Anderson also had good games. Streeter didn't take a lot of shots until the end but he just keeps improving and he is very composed on the court. Streeter's four turnovers can be misleading as there was one beautiful pass to Adam Thomas which went right through his hands and should have been an easy assist. Anderson had some great moments with a couple early dunks, got tired and made some mistakes and then played well again. His rebounding over the bigger players and his defense looked very good.

Not their day: Aaron Thompson seemed to do everything right except be able to get the ball through the basket. He had numerous wide-open looks from three and could dribble past his man at will but he just couldn't seem to finish in that first half. I was hoping to see how he would respond in the second half ut Lassiter was playing so well he didn't get much opportunity. He is a good player who should really improve once he figures out the details of this game.

Josh Akognon also struggled in the first half. He forced too many shots and had some bad turnovers. We are just not going to beat a ranked ACC team unless he is having a great game. To his credit he came back and had a better second half but he is much better than what we have seen in the last two losses. If he is on against St. Mary's today we will probably win.

TitanCentral.com Spin: One down, three to go. If the team can come out of the next three games without turning on each other then we are in for one exciting season. The key is to keep showing improvement like they did against Wake Forest. If we can avoid consecutive setbacks -- and I don't think of this game as a setback -- that will help to reinforce what they are trying to accomplish.