Preview: Oral Robers Lineup

Oral Roberts has an interesting roster because they have only seven FR or Soph players but they are a pretty inexperienced team at the D1 level despite having a team comprised almost entirely of upperclassmen.

The Golden Eagles suffered significant losses in last June's draft both off of their roster and in their recruiting class so they had to recruit heavily from the JC ranks to fill out their roster.  Oral Roberts had a powerful lineup last season, hitting 77 HR's and averaging well over 8 runs per game but the Golden Eagles lost most of the players who were responsible for putting up those numbers and return only one regular and some part-time players from last season.  Oral Roberts has struggled to score against the better teams they have played (8 R's in 3 games at Rice's tournament) but have fared better in their other two weekend series against mid-level competition at home (50 R's in 6 games).  The Golden Eagles overall numbers are down across the board in BA (.248; 330 in 2008), OBP (.362; .423 in 2008) and SLG (.448; .510 in 2008).  After pretty much playing for the big inning last season, Oral Roberts has shifted to playing more little ball to scratch out some runs in close games, with 9 SAC's (5 in the 3 close games at Rice) and 8-9 on SB attempts.  They have struggled defensively with all of the new additions to the lineup, making 14 E's with a .959 fielding %. 

C – JC transfer Seth Furmanek (RH – .313-3-10-0) has been hitting well in his first year in D1, leading the team in HR's and RBI's and hitting 3rd most of the time.  He also has a big swing and leads the team with 10 K's.  Furmanek has been average defensively, allowing 14 WP's/PB's and baserunners to go 12-17 in SB attempts so that will be a key area to watch.

1B – SR Michael Notaro (LH – .194-2-7-0) is one of the few players with any significant experience, starting 32 games in 2008.  He has big power potential with 10 HR's last year in only 122 AB's, when he hit .336 with 42 RBI's.  He is also patient at the plate (22 BB's in 2008).  Notaro has gotten off to a slow start and usually bats cleanup.  He is average defensively.

2B – JC transfer Danny Duffy (RH – .172-0-3-1) is strong defensively and in the lineup for his glove and has struggled at the plate. JR Colby Price (RH – 3-14) has started a couple of games at 2B and 3B and is also solid defensively,  He isn't that good of a hitter and when he plays, he is in the lineup for his defense.  Price played in 40 games last year, coming into games mostly as a defensive replacement, when he went 4-16 at the plate.

SS – SR Juan Martinez (RH – .303-3-6-2) is the best all-around player on the team and the only returning regular from last year, when he played 2B (2008 – .329-9-55-5).  He is a good defensive player and only made 7 E's in 2008.  Martinez is also a good bunter and led the team with 11 SAC's last year.  He usually hits 2nd.

3B – SR Kyle Price (RH – .174-0-2-0) is another player who was a part-time starter last season with 29 starts.  Like he did last year (2008 – .196-2-11-1), Price has struggled offensively.  He has also had issues defensively, making 4 E's.  Price usually bats in the lower part of the lineup. 

LF – JC transfer P.J. Sequeira (RH – .235-1-6-0) is a big guy with some solid power potential who has struggled in his first year in D1.  He usually bats 5th.

CF – SR Justin Mitchell (RH – 4-14) has good speed and is one of the better baserunners on the team.  He was 6-25 at the plate last season.  Mitchell has batted 9th in all five games he has started.

RF – JC transfer Tyler Garewal (RH – .364-1-4-3) has started four games in CF and been one of the best all-around players, leading the team in hitting and steals and has good range in RF.  He has led off most of the time when he has been in the lineup.  JC transfer Chris Elder (LH – 4-16) started the first six games in RF before missing the Rice tournament.

DH – SR Johnny Roberts (LH – 6-21) was a part-time player in 2008 (6-17) but is a regular this year as one of the few LH bats in the lineup.  He usually bats 7th.