UC Davis Preview: Pitching

It wasn't unexpected that the UC Davis pitching staff would struggle after losing all of their starting pitchers and their closer from last season. What has been surprising is how bad the pitching has been for the Aggies. UC Davis has already gone through nine SP's trying to find the right combination and is still searching for answers.

The Aggies have a team ERA of 7.41, which is last in the conf and well over a run worse than the team closest to them.  UC Davis is also last in BA at .321 and has allowed the most BB's in the conf.  The Aggies have also allowed 29 HR's and if they didn't play in a pitchers park they would probably be last in the conf in this category also because they are only one behind the leaders in HR's allowed.  It would be expected that the pitching for UC Davis would improve as the pitchers got more experience but the opposite has happened as they have run into good offenses from Pacific, UCSB and Cal Poly.  The staff ERA in non-conf games is 6.69 with a .301 BA. The Davis pitching staff has struggled to keep the team in conf games with a 9.34 ERA and a .372 BA and the Aggies have allowed at least eight runs in all nine games.


Fri SP – FR Dayne Quist (LHP – 2-2, 6.19 ERA, 12 apps, 3 starts, 36 IP, 39 H, 15 BB, 19 K, .283 BA, 3 HR) was in the bullpen to start the season but got a chance to start in a midweek game against Fresno State and pitched well, allowing 2 R's and 3 H's in 7 IP.  He was ok against UCSB (5 1/3 IP, 4 R, 3 ER) but struggled at Cal Poly last weekend (6 2/3 IP, 8 R).  Quist is a "crafty lefty" who doesn't throw hard and is a little wild and has hit 8 batters.  He has not done a good job of holding runners, allowing 7-8 SB's.

Sat SP – Soph Scott Chew (LHP – 1-4, 5.06 ERA, 9 apps, 5 starts, 32 IP, 40 H, 11 BB, 18 K, .313 BA, 3 HR) was also in the bullpen to start the season as he worked his way back from a medical redshirt last year but he has been in the rotation the last five weekends.  Chew pitched well against Sac State in his first start (8 IP, 2 R) but has only gotten past the 5th inning one other time, when he allowed 3 R in 6 IP at San Diego State.  He has allowed 17 R (12 ER) in 9 1/3 IP in three conf starts.  Chew is also a "crafty lefty" who doesn't throw hard.  He has not done a good job of holding runners, allowing 8-10 SB's.

Sun SP – TBA.  SR Jeremy McChesney (RHP – 1-5, 9.72 ERA, 9 starts, 33 IP, 60 H, 15 BB, 16 K, .408 BA, 3 HR) is one of the few experienced pitchers (2008 – 2-2, 4.10 ERA, 20 apps, 26 IP) but he has had a disastrous season.  He allowed 3 R in 5 IP at San Diego State but most of his starts have been like they were last weekend at Cal Poly when he allowed 7 R in 3 IP.  Soph Tom Briner (RHP – 0-4, 7.43 ERA, 9 apps, 6 starts, 36 IP, 60 H, 13 BB, 22 K, .370 BA, 2 HR) was in the rotation the first six weeks of the season but has been pitching out of the bullpen the last two weekends.  He allowed 9 R in 5 IP at San Diego State and 6 R in 5 IP at Pacific in his two most recent starts.  FR Nathan Slater (LHP – 0-2, 3.80 ERA, 9 apps, 3 starts, 21 IP, 21 H, 12 BB, 14 K, .247 BA, 1 HR) is a harder thrower than the other two LHP's in the rotation but has been wild (5 WP's, 5 HBP's).  He has the best ERA and BA on the staff but when he started two weeks ago against UCSB he allowed 6 R (2 ER) in 3 2/3 IP.   


The LHP's in addition to the three listed above are FR Anthony Kupbens (11.25 ERA in 8 IP) and JR Andy Suiter (0-2, 9.00 ERA, 10 apps, 3 starts, 18 IP, 20 H, 31 BB, 13 K, .308 BA, 2 HR), who was the most experienced returning pitcher from last season (2008 – 6-2, 4.61 ERA, 30 apps, 41 IP) and was in the rotation the first three weeks of the season but has been way too wild to be effective. 

The other pitchers in the bullpen are SR Adam Bennett (RHP – 2-3, 7.27 ERA, 13 apps, 17 IP, 19 H, 13 BB, 16 K), JC transfer Matthew Lewis (RHP – 0-1, 6.75 ERA, 11 apps, 11 IP, 9 H, 10 BB, 10 K), FR David Popkins (RHP – 0-1, 11.64 ERA, 9 apps, 1 start, 19 IP, 29 H, 13 BB, 10 K), JC transfer Scott Heinig (RHP – 0-0, 11.20 ERA, 9 apps, 14 IP, 22 H, 14 BB, 12 K), JC transfer Tim Busbin (RHP – 0-1, 6.35 ERA, 8 apps, 11 IP, 13 H, 7 BB, 8 K) and FR Scott Lyman (RHP – 0-1, 9.72 ERA, 6 apps, 2 saves, 8 IP, 9 H, 12 BB, 9 K).