2009-10 Basketball Depth Chart (Vers. 1)

School has officially started with all the expected participants in school and ready to play. 17 players are on the roster including two redshirt transfers, 6-11 Sean Williams from Syracuse and 6-6 Andre Hardy from Oral Roberts. Of those playing this season there are no fewer than 12 competing for serious playing time, including four seniors, five juniors, two sophomores and a freshman.

TitanCentral.com has scoured the internet, watched summer league games, talked to numerous sources, including a magic 8 ball, and flipped some coins to bring you the first cut at this season's depth chart.

Link: 2009-10 Depth Chart

After you take a look at the chart I feel the need to explain a few positions.

Yes, you do see Gerard Anderson starting at the three. I am going with history on this one. While Orane Chin may start later in the season, I just see Anderson's experience being the deciding factor at the beginning of the year. This is based on the summer he had and the expectation that Bryce Webster will likely start at the five.

Everyone seems to love Jacques Streeter's game, including yours truly, but his summer performance left a lot to be desired (okay, he was awful), therefore the Point is officially open. I feel, if nothing else, the coaching staff will need to light a fire under his backside as I think he has let some people get into his head and now thinks he's actually better than he is. Obviously he will have to do a lot more to lose the starting spot but I now believe he has some actual competition at this position.

That brings up Jamel McGuire. The first time I saw him play I was thinking, what the #$%^?! Let's just say he had an off night. Upon second viewing he played the point and now I can see his potential. Super-duper quick, great size and should be a terrific defender. If he can learn to finish, he will push Streeter to his limits.

The rest should be pretty standard stuff. Robbie Robinson would be my starter at the wing if not for Aaron Thompson's year of experience. Thompson will need to improve his shot if he wants to retain the spot. JerVaughn Johnson will start at either the four or the five which is the only sure thing right now.

The Magic 8 ball and coin flips came into play with Devon Peltier and Bryce Webster as they are the only two scholarship players I have not seen play. Just have to believe that Webster will make an impact based on the secrecy the coaches wanted to keep which led to him not playing in any summer leagues. He's got to be good, right?

As two-time seat belt offender Kirk San Roman says, "Buckle up!"