Hoops Practice Begins Today

FULLERTON, Calif. - It's been 216 long days of mostly summer waiting but today the 2009-2010 basketball season officially begins with the first practice. The first public viewing will be held on October 24th with the 8th annual Blue/White Scrimmage, Alumni Game and Barbeque.

"Goodbye" pull-up jumpers and "Hello" pound the glass.

"It's going to be a 180-degree difference," said seventh-year Head Coach Bob Burton. "We've been guard oriented and mostly shot threes. Now we're going to pound the ball inside and then go get it."

"We have a solid nucleus back and how they mesh and play together with the new guys will be the key," said Burton. "It's a totally different team. This is the biggest team we've had. In the past, we relied on our shooters. We will run as much as we always do, but it will be a more structured break... to get the ball down inside instead of kicking it out for the three. We will work hard to get the big guys to run to the block and develop an inside game.

"I really like this group, and what's coming back next year," said Burton, who acknowledges several players still have summer academic work to accomplish. "What I don't like is our schedule. It's very hard again."

Here is more information about the 2009-2010 Titans.