AFP: Titans vs. Hope

A Fan's Perspective: Cal State Fullerton's offense rebounds from Cal State LA game to shoot 61% from the field against Hope University in a 97-53 win. Now that Nutwood avenue has been solidified the Titans can concentrate all their efforts towards tomorrows game against UCLA.

After a disappointing exhibition, the Titans did a complete 180 in trouncing the Eagles and pretty much led start to finish. This is really something you expect to see against an NAIA school such as Hope but it was nice to see just about every player contribute -- and all 13 suited players score.

The highlights for this fan was the play of Orane Chin who scored inside and out and had a great rebound-follow dunk that would make the POD highlights on ESPN if they had the video. Very athletic move and he really got up high.

Aaron Thompson and Gerard Anderson also came to play and actually looked very comfortable shooting the ball. They always have great effort on the defensive side of the ball but if they can continue shooting the ball, the UCLA game may be closer than some think. The post play started off slowly but Jer'Vaughn Johnson and Bryce Webster played much, much better than against CSLA.

Jaques Streeter hasn't had the best start but he was easily good enough in this game. If the Titans want to keep it close against UCLA, however, he will have to step up his game. Not trying to put it all on the Sophomore's shoulders but he isn't sharp shooting the ball right now and he will have to turn it on at some point this year, so why not the biggest game of his young career?

Another player I was extremely impressed with was Jamel McGuire. He looked like a completely different player they way he played so in control, made the right decisions and even hit a couple jumpers.

One area on defense we can improve on is the fouls. Hope made less the 50% of their free throws but this is the second game where we just foul too much. Love the aggressive defense but this is just something we will have to improve on against the better teams.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the play of Devon Peltier. The guy is looking to score before he ever steps into the game. I love this about him but it may drive the coaching staff crazy. Just have a hunch, come crunch time in a close game, he would be a great go-to guy who's not afraid to take a shot. Last year we could have used such a player in more than one game, remember? One thing I would like to see him do on the defensive side is raise his hands to make himself look bigger.

Overall, good opener. The Hope game did exactly what it was meant to do and that's to give the players some confidence heading into the UCLA game. It also gave discouraged fans a glimpse of ... nah, too easy.