Aggies Down Titans

Davis, CA -- New Year feels like old as Cal State Fullerton does not play well in loss to UC Davis in Big West conference opener. The Titans never quit as they stage a last minute rally but too many turnovers and missed free throws earlier in the game cost them a win.

Here are some random shots while watching the UC Davis/Cal State Fullerton basketball game from the Internet.

Surprisingly, the Big West TV hookup worked without a hitch. I actually liked the fact that UC Davis did not overlay any voice commentary. There was audio, but it was just the game sounds, which was all that was needed.

For those with iPhones, the ESPN ScoreCenter app [iTunes Link] is the best. Updates were actually 5-10 seconds ahead of the game so I had to stop looking as I new exactly what was going to happen next. The feed did hang with 8 minutes left in the game, but I still give it 5 stars.

Now onto the game… Let's be honest, the Titans missed a golden opportunity to start the New Year, and Big West conference play, off on the right foot. It looks like it's going to be a crazy conference but there is no question UC Davis is as bad s advertised.

Let's dissect the game based on player evaluations, starting with Gerard Anderson. He started off so strong, almost unstoppable, with four points and five rebounds in the first five minutes. He was smooth to the basket and looked very confident and energized.

Then he picked up two fouls in the first 7 minutes, both 25+ feet from the basket. I think he is quick enough but if he hasn't figured out by now that containment, as opposed to reaching, is the way to go, not sure if he ever will.

Early in the second half Anderson became a turnover machine. If you've seen the Titans this year, you know exactly what this means.

Devon Peltier started and his enthusiasm is his best attribute. One of the few players who consistently demonstrates this characteristic. He just needs to hit some of those early, wide-open, threes. I still think he is our best shooter but is simply pressing and does not shoot with confidence until it's literally too late.

Jer'Vaughn Johnson played pretty much like he has played all year: lack of intensity, kind of just there on offense, gets really down on himself, misses free throws, etc. He did manage to go left for the first time this season, only to get swatted. He will be good but he is certainly going through the motions right now.

Aaron Thompson came off the bench, and this is actually a good move. He missed his first shot but made everything after that. I never would have imagined him as a great shooter but here we are, after 12 games, and he is lighting it up from the outside. Perhaps we need to get him the ball more as five shots doesn't seem right.

Aaron also played good defense and had three blocks and four assists. His downfall this game? Free throws. 0 for 5, including a crucial one-and-one. He was an 82% free throw shooter before this game so I am going to call this an aberration.

Bryce Webster had his typical, early two points in each half, but he needs more than 6 shots a game. You can tell the coaches say to get the ball down low because every game, at the start of each half, that's exactly what they do. And then they stop going to him or they turn it over trying to go to the post. Better ball movement around the perimeter would solve this but I think we have too many players thinking too hard out there. They need to react instead of just telegraphing the ball.

Orane Chin. Not sure what has happened to him but he's just not into it. Okay stats for his limited minutes but he's not enjoying himself.

Last but not least, Jacques Streeter, the key to this team. He's trying, he's doing his best and he is such a fantastic kid. For whatever reasons, it's just not clicking for him out there until the end. The sense of urgency needs to be there at the start and it's not.

Streeter is a special, special player so it's not too late to turn his game around. My biggest fear? If he's not happy he will pack it up, and that would be unfortunate, as I think we could have a real good team next year. Let's hope this fear is pure imagination and I am only bringing it up as I have noticed the reactions of those close to him.

So what to do now? Perhaps Ray Miller deserves a real chance? Robbie Robinson? Something needs to change. I am sure home court will be kinder for the Titans and they will play Long Beach close. At Titan Tech, however, we do not have moral victories, so anything short of a win will be a major setback.