Home Sweet Homecoming

Cal State Fullerton didn't play their best game of the year but it was enough to beat Eric Wise and the UC-I Anteaters in front of the biggest home crowd of the season. 3,244 watched the Titans grind to 74-68 win and move to 10-10 and 4-4 on the year.

The offensive stars of the night proved to be non-starters sophomore Orane Chin and junior Devon Peltier. Without either of those two stepping up the Titans likely would have lost their fourth straight conference game.

Here are more thoughts on the evening, from one fan's perspective:

Not only did Chin have 23 points and 8 rebounds but he played with the most energy and most confidence he has all year. Honestly, I was a little more than worried he would not be able to bounce back after his early-season slump. If he can keep hustling and keep just a smidgen of arc on those shots he should be fine down the stretch.

In terms of overall energy brought to a game, Peltier has been the most consistent Titan all year long. He's been a huge asset to this team and it appears all he's been needing is a little home cooking. Five of nine from three-point land and just always seems to make good decisions.

Bryce Webster look sluggish and it was clear he was not feeling well. Initially I thought the long season was wearing on him so I was actually gald to hear after the game that he was only suffering from food poisoning.

Jer'Vaughn Johnson had the task of covering UCI's best -- by far -- player, Eric Wise. Johnson apparently was nursing a shoulder injury but that should not have prevented him from boxing out. He had 8 boards but gave up an astounding 6 offensive rebounds to his nemesis Wise. The sophomore foe clearly out-played Johnson most of the night so here's hoping the shoulder injury heals for the rematch Feb. 10th. Johnson did provide good hustle, only missed a couple layups and had one turnover but if he could have used that big body of his this game would not have been close.

Gerard Anderson started off like he was going to dominate this game but he was never the same after colliding with Aaron Thompson when both went sky high to try and block a UCI layup. Here's hoping it's nothing serious and he can bounce back for the biggest game of the year against Long Beach State on Thursday night.

Not sure why Aaron Thompson is passing up so many open looks but he played very timid last night. He was also very sloppy, turning the ball over 5 times. The senior needs to be more consistent each night and he should be treasuring each game as his career comes to an end. This is a game he should have been dominating, playing against inferior competition.

Jacques Streeter had a solid outing and was a little surprised to see he had 10 assists. Some of those passes his teammates bailed him out but, overall, good game. He played much better against the zone than he has in the past and if he can look for the shot like he did in the second half that's all that is expected.

There are still some big concerns on this team. More consistent play from more players would go a long way towards putting together a nice run to end the season. Another big concern is the lack of a bench after the first seven.

Huge game against the 49ers in front of an ESPN audience this Thursday. The Titans need a good road win and Long Beach is a much better team than UCI so the Titans will need great play from at least 5 of 7 players. This game could also determine who gets one of those Top 4 spots for the Big West Tournament.