Cal's Proximity a Factor for Moala

"I also like the idea of staying close to home, which is what [Cal] offers," says Sacramento (Calif.) Grant defensive tackle Viliami "Tiny" Moala...

Viliami Moala (6-3, 340) now denies having a leader but is still strongly considering Washington, Oregon State, USC, Alabama, Florida and California. All have offered.

"I'm still shuffling some schools around in my head which is why I don't have a definite top five right now," he said. "All of the offers I have are really stressful to think about you know. But I think I should have a top five list by the end of the season."'s No. 4 defensive tackle was out at Washington for an official when they took on Nebraska and said he enjoyed the visit.

"I've got a really good bond with the coaches at Washington," he said. "They really pulled me into their family-oriented vibe, so I decided to take a trip there. I had a really great time. The coaches there say they really need to stack up on their defensive line players because they like to rotate them so much, so I'd have a really good opportunity to go in there my freshman year and start.

"When I was there, I had never been to a game that was so loud," he said. "I went with one of my teammates who was also there for an official visit, and I couldn't even hear him talking to me even though he was sitting right next to me. I also like the weather up there and how it's never too hot. It would be nice to get away from the heat of Sacrament – that's for sure."

Moala also said he has plans to take official visits to two more schools.

"I'm going to get out to Oregon State for an official visit when they play Oregon," he said. "And I'd also like to get out to USC for an official, hopefully toward the end of the season.

"My linebacker coach at my high school actually played football with Oregon State's head coach (Mike Riley) in college and has told me that they've got a really great coaching staff," he said. "I've gotten to know their defensive line coach a lot better and I like how the program is known for their defensive line and linebacking corps. I really want to go and check that school out.

"USC is definitely recruiting me the hardest out of these schools though," he said. "I get handwritten mail from them every single day. My cousin, Chris Tupo, goes there and has told me how good their environment is and how great the education is there. He actually graduated as a junior and is working on his masters right now. He also got hurt which is why he isn't playing right now, but he tells me that even though you're hurt, they'll still take care of you."

Moala also likes the opportunities provided at both Florida and Alabama.

"Those are two schools that I'm considering right now," he said. "They're both programs that are now just based on their names. I know I would like to be the first Polynesian player to go to Alabama and set the tone there for all of the kids out here on the West Coast. Florida is a great school with great history and a school that knows how to win. They produce great defensive tackles that just know how to get after it on every play."

Moala is still considering Cal amongst his favorites but says he will not take an official visit there.

"I've been to Cal three times for unofficial visits so I won't take an official visit there," he said. "I've taken in a lot on their program like games and practices and stuff. I really like their facilities. I also like the idea of staying close to home which is what they offer, and that's important to me, but I'm also willing to travel and go to another school as well."

Grant Union (5-0) will play Elk Grove on Friday.

Moala says he has 40 tackles, 21 tackles for loss, three forced fumbles and seven sacks so far this season.

He reports a 3.2 GPA and a 1260 on the three-part SAT with no plans to retake the test.

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