Quoting Tedford: First Day of Spring

California head coach Jeff Tedford addressed the first day of spring, the development of quarterback Zach Maynard, and the newfound confidence of running back Brendan Bigelow.

On his initial impressions of the first day:
"They looked good. They looked good. A lot of energy and it was a good practice, good first day."

On what he is looking for on the first day:
"Some of the younger guys stepping up. First day is really hard to evaluate. You look for the energy, you look for organization, you look for the hustle, that type of thing. It was good. It was upbeat, guys flying around. It's kind of hard to throw and catch the ball today, so you don't get overly excited about what happens with the ball so much. Guys were flying around, great attitude and great enthusiasm."

On returning to football activities:
"It's always great to get out here. They do all the lifting and all that kind of thing. The main thing is to get out here on the field. They're running around with smiles on their face. They are happy to be out here. It's great to be able to be out here to be able to coach them in football, fundamentals and techniques and schemes. It's always fun for the coaches to get out here with the players."

On the defensive ends:
"They're playing at a tempo … You have to make sure that everybody is on the same page with tempo, but hustling was good. There are some new guys up there. It's a good group."

On wide receiver Keenan Allen:
"We all know what Keenan can do. Even if Keenan was out here in the spring, he wouldn't have done a lot of live drills. It would have been a lot of fundamental work. Keenan is such a quick study. He is so smart and has such a great feel for the game, but he can still improve. He's missing some of that right now. He'll be fine when he gets back here."

On whether the limited numbers at receiver affect evaluating the quarterbacks:
"As long as they are making the right reads and throwing accurate balls and things like that, what happens at the end of it … It's about the process and where you are going with the football, how they are running the offense. You could really tell Zach is a veteran. He ran the offense great, no hiccups. It was night and day from last spring on the first day, night and day. With guys who are experienced, him and (Allan) Bridgford, those guys have a really good handle on what is going on. Everything mechanically went really well. I'm not going to get too worried about a ball on the ground because of the conditions. I thought they did a real nice job mechanically of running the offense and the defense was aligned well. There weren't a lot of stops for realignments. It was good."

On the improvement of quarterback Zach Maynard from last year:
"Just the knowledge of the offense and the huddle. We were able to do some no-huddle stuff, where no way we could have done that on the first day last year. You go through a year of game planning and offensive terminology, it's just a lot easier when you have a veteran quarterback coming back."

On whether Cal has enough receivers to get through spring:
"If we can stay healthy with the guys we have, we can. Typically through spring ball depending on what happens, you have to manufacture ways to practice. You can't run those guys ragged. The good thing is you have days off in between to recover. One of the big things for the spring is getting our tight ends involved. That is a big key. That's always the challenge with spring ball."

On running back Isi Sofele:
"He's another one that you saw just get better through the season. Hitting holes and hitting holes, trusting running inside, all the things that he continued to improve. Ball security is a big thing. He put the ball on the ground the last two games. That's where Isi can improve."

On running back Brendan Bigelow:
"He carried the ball a couple times. It's going to be a big spring for him, running between the tackles and get him back in the swing of football, the physical part of football. I think he trusts his knee now. I don't think that's an issue."

On Brendan Bigelow, continued:
"He's confident because of his knee. Anytime you have gone two years with two ACL surgeries and haven't played football in two years, there is always a tentativeness when you are running. The mental part of the game he'll be more confident and they physical part of the game he'll definitely be more confident."

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