No answers on Tedford yet

California head coach Jeff Tedford and athletic director Sandy Barbour met for a second consecutive day Monday, but without signs any decision on Tedford's future is imminent.

BERELEY, Calif. – After the season-finale loss at Oregon State, athletic director Sandy Barbour promised to sit down with head coach Jeff Tedford to conduct a comprehensive review of California football with one aim, to figure out "how we get better, what the answers are, what the solutions are to put us on the right path to be a better football program," she said.

And complete it has been, as a second day of meetings will apparently come and go without a decision on Tedford's job status.

Cal stumbled to a 3-9 record, the worst of Tedford's 11 seasons and his only second losing campaign overall, both having come in the past three seasons.

Still, his 82-57 mark makes Tedford the most successful coach in school history in terms of wins, but the trademarks that defined the early part of his tenure, a well-established offensive identity and ability to get the best from his quarterbacks, have disappeared the last five seasons.

Cal finished 77th in total offense (391.25 yards per game), 90th in passing offense (208.25 yards per game), 94th in the nation in scoring offense (23 points per game), and 114th in sacks allowed (3.42 sacks per game).

The defense didn't fare much better, allowing 33.08 points per game, largely because of breakdowns at the end of season. With injuring piling up, Cal surrendered 191 points in their final three games, including 62 points to the Beavers, the third-highest total by an opponent in school history.

There is also the plummeting APR score, second-worst in the Pac-12, and GSR, which came in last in the conference, all of which are certainly being addressed by Tedford and Barbour.

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