The Bear Republic Podcast

To celebrate a new era for Cal Sports Digest, I'm bringing over one of my most popular features: The one, the only, the Bear Republic Podcast! We spend our first segment breaking down the Cal basketball team, with Josh Gershon giving us an in-depth look at hoops recruiting. In our second hour, we talk Cal football, with Brandon Huffman chiming in with a detailed football recruiting update!

Listen to the first segment here!
Listen to the second segment here!

SAN FRANCISCO -- Hey there, Cal fans!

Ok, now that all of the podcast jokes are out of the way, I'd like to formally announce to you, the great subscribers and community of and FoxSportsNEXT that you now have the market leader in all things Cal Athletics as your official publisher.

For those of you who don't know me, I graduated from Cal in 2008, with high honors in English Literature. My honors thesis was 200 pages on comic book superheroes and King Arthur. I know how to have fun, and I know when to get serious. I was a featured back-page sports columnist for the Daily Californian for two years, a staff writer for four, a sports editor of that fine publication, and I covered football, baseball, softball, volleyball and field hockey. After graduating, I freelanced for the Orange County Register, covering high school football throughout the Southland, and for the Ventura County Star -- my hometown paper. I then spent a year working in Minor League Baseball as the publications coordinator (designer, photographer, writer, graphic artist, gameday program publisher) for the Tacoma Rainiers, the Triple-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. I've spent the last three years building the biggest Cal sports news site on the web in, and now, I'm taking the next step.

When Joel Cox, the VP of Content Development for FOX Sports Interactive, came to me in early June with an offer to become his Cal publisher, he sold me on the power of this network, on the 40 recruiting analysts nationwide, on the tag-team champions of West Coast recruiting in Brandon Huffman and Greg Biggins, in Evan Daniels and Brian Snow on the hoops side, and of course, West Coast hoops recruiting guru Josh Gershon. He sold me on the vision he and the rest of FOX has for this network, and the fact that FOX takes basketball just as seriously as football.

He made me an offer I just could not in my right mind refuse, and I believe that this site is an absolute sleeping giant. I believe that, with a new coach, a new staff and brighter days ahead for the football faithful, a top-20 recruiting class on the hardwood, and a baseball team full of promise, this site can once again reach its former glory, and become what I built over at that other place: The one-stop shop for everything having to do with the University of California athletics program.

For the first time in years, you now have a publisher who is a Cal alumnus, and who has years of experience on this beat and with the various coaches and teams.

That's not to say that my colleague Dan Greenspan hasn't done an absolute hell of a job. Dan and I have bonded closely since he took over as publisher a year ago, and he and I will be working in tandem to give you guys the absolute best coverage -- the coverage that you, by right, deserve. So, sit back, relax, and crack one open with us as myself, Dan, CBS Sports Pac-12 blogger John Breech and statistical analyst Ken Clampett embark on the first ever Bear Republic Podcast on!

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